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“Marguerite Duras, writing passion” – Laetitia Cenac

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Marguerite Duras family album

Journalist Laetitia Cenac sign a full and dense book on the life and work of one who has inspired several generations of women and men, too. Of his childhood in Indochina look Duras” through his love life, his time of glory, and the place of cinema in its iconic journey, you will learn all about the life of one who considered himself “the first French writer.

“We’re a writer twenty-four hours on twenty-four or one is not a writer” *

“The time has come for anniversaries: the centenary of his birth (she was born April 4, 1914) and the thirty years of its Amant (Prix Goncourt 1984), passed several million copies. Duras is a classic.

“It is curious writer. This is a contradiction and nonsense. Writing is also not to speak. It is shut. It is screaming silently. *

Marguerite Duras family album

Entry into the Bibliothèque de la Pléiade which would have delighted she is the author most students studied, translated into more than thirty-five languages. His work is vast, rich, diverse, unlimited. Fifty pounds, nineteen films, hundreds of newspaper articles, a series of interviews, scenarios and even two unpublished songs … With a common denominator poetry, because there is written the writing of the poem. Real novels are poems. “

The book, beautifully illustrated with archival photographs, shows how Marguerite Duras is necessarily immortal.

“I talked a lot about writing. I do not know what it is. *



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