Marion Bartoli alongside ELA to the final of Wimbledon Ladies

image001Winning Wimbledon in 2013, Marion Bartoli today leads another fight against Leukodystrophy. Indeed, it is from the same year, the godmother of the ELA (European Leukodystrophy Association against). The association founded in 1992, is fighting against genetic diseases that destroy the myelin (a sheath around the nerves) of the central nervous system. ELA, composed of families of patients, trying to mobilize public opinion on these serious diseases that affect birth from 20 to 40 children in Europe (3-6 children in France). A cause ardently defends Marion Bartoli always present to provide support to the ELA actions, particularly during the operation “Put your sneakers and fight the disease at school.” This is in line with its commitment she Medina, 15 prompt, reaching a leukodystrophy, and his family for the Ladies Wimbledon final on July 5. The girl was in the Coin Toss Ceremonyby throwing the coin that determined which of the two finalists, Eugenie Bouchard or Petra Kvitova will serve first. An unforgettable moment for Medina and his family were able to enjoy a saving grace in their difficult daily.

Today, ELA is support to families of patients in the amount of € 8.5 million and financing 447 scientific programs for an amount of € 35.4 million. Necessary actions that are achievable through private donations and funds raised during events organized throughout the year. A breath of hope in the struggle of Marion Bartoli and many others beside the large family ELA.

By Mistoura Yessoufou

ELA, Marion Bartoli


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