Les neuf leçons du guerrier Massaï

Meet the Maasai Spirituality

The nine lessons Masai warrior

Ethnologist of Breton origin, Xavier Peron became a specialist in East Africa. He particularly studied the Maasai warriors” who are “pacifists”. He said he reached a positive addiction to special effects on humans. A little voice inside me; told me that the main thing for me, my mission was unfettered and freely transmit their spiritual humanism in the world, so precious to save our planet from the wreck. A humanism founded on the love of nature and divinity in each of us. “

Xavier Peron, is a being whose word mark deeply readers. You can check this in his book “The Nine Lessons of Masai warrior” (Youth Edition) for which he won the ALEF Prize in 2013. If you spirituality Massai was hitherto unknown, take the time to dive into this story which is a true sharing of feelings, lessons, but also freedom of action. I invite you to discover as well as messages received from the people he said he understood as essential to any man living things. Its amazing initiation lasted nearly 30 years. “To overcome the duality that sticks to the skin of modern man comes to himself.” Centered, unified, what else? There remains the more important: the gift of self. For, as the Maasai repeat, life is more forward than the other to itself, and true spirituality does not lead to self talk, but of life. What to apply, they say, it is the gift of self. And participate in this ongoing exchange between all things gradually frees us from our problems invented by the mind.

The nine lessons Masai warrior are as follows:

1) Have the strength to be happy.

2) Have the courage to accept challenges.

3) Faced with the evidence, say yes to success.

4) To experience what is.

5) Learn to say no.

6) Overcoming fears seeking the order.

7) If rooted to the ground.

8) Awakening to the power of love.

9) Become a planter


To go further: “The nine lessons Masai warriorXavier Peron, Youth Editions : www.editions-jouvence.fr/


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