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Meiway: an album for 2015

The Ivorian singer-songwriter is the first man to open the topic “Women I love you.” We regularly ask artists, writers and other male celebrities ntervenir on various topics. To start, we wanted to know what had become the “King” of zoblazo, a musical style he invented, there are about twenty years, and has made dance fans worldwide. With ten albums under his belt, Frederick Ehui, whose real name is entered into the legend of African music with catchy sounds, but also and especially committed texts on the failings of society, corruption and … women. About these, the artist says the natural love, as he also sings in “Assétou” (2013). Until the release in 2015 of his next album, the seductive gentleman spoke to our editorial staff.

What do you remember most memorable of your artistic career?

meiway miniatureRecognition of my country, Ivory Coast.

What looks like the perfect woman for you?

meiway miniatureThe ideal woman is one who brings the most benefits for the remainder of her man.

What woman do you admire the most?

meiway miniatureIt’s one that, with fair arguments can firmly say “No” to a man, as if he should have the final word at all times, we should not be surprised that there are still dictatorships in our world its democracy truly began at home, it will certainly impose everywhere.

 What is your current music?

meiway miniatureI have several concert dates in Africa (Niger, Ghana and Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast …) and in France (Bordeaux-Brive-Toulouse ….) for the next 3 months. I am also in the preparation of the new album which is scheduled for the second half of next year, God willing.

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