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“Mickael Kra Artwear” in all its glory

Who does not know Mickael Kra? The esthete big heart has collaborated with leading fashion houses in Paris: Louis Feraud, Pierre Balmain, Renee Mancini His first jewelry line, “Queen Poku,” is a contemporary adaptation of weights for weighing gold the Ashanti kingdom.

Mickael Kra redesigned and reinvented the aesthetics of Africa with compositions of shapes, materials, fabrics, paintings reflect the body and soul of the continent. He knows, as a person, sublime contemporary Africa. She who is in the wind and “that continues to influence today’s standards of international beauty.” A creative force and work, the lanky and handsome mestizo (Ivorian by his father and his mother French) continues to attract major fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Jean Louis Scherrer or Renee Mancini for shoes. The esthete has established itself in the creation of jewelry and high-end accessories silver paste, glass, crystal, bauxite, clay, coral and other delicate jewelery, fine, soft and flowing. “I believe in a multi Africa, mixed all the colors because there are no boundaries in the beautiful and human.” Mickael Kra is a committed artist when it comes to promoting and preserving African cultural heritage. In collaboration with the San people of the Kalahari and women, between Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, the artist has allowed the linking of their ancestral jewelery design ostrich egg shells, with the global market for contemporary jewelry.

He just signed a new collection, Afroasian fusion (July 2014), including the following images.

By Claire Renee Mendy.

Bracelets wild terracotta and glass balls picture NouaraAzzougui Model Jean Luc Akoto and Sheila Shanel Makeup and Beauty Dolce Hazel Art Direction Mickael Kra

Photo NouaraAzzougui – Model Sheila Shanel Makeup and Beauty Dolce Hazel Art Direction Mickael Kra bib necklace bandolero metal ball and clay and hematite

Photos bustier with glass beads and Swarovski crystals and monochrome black ostrich feathers Model Christina agenceBest, Cape Town South Africa Photo SaydouTall Bernard

Bandolero necklace with copper beads and silver beads.
Photo Alain Herman
Model Jean Luc Akoto
Art Direction Mickael Kra

Headband leather and pearl shell egg ostrich Model Princess Esther Khamatari Photo Angel Jaime Ocampo

Artwear, Mickael Kra


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