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Dr. Sy Khadi Bizet, dermatologist and aesthetic physician, has kindly agreed to provide us with practical advice and answers to all these questions we ask ourselves regularly and for which we do not always have an answer. Each week you will find in this section are easy to implement tips and clear and reliable information to take care of yourself and your loved ones. This was soon send all questions to

Do you think the “special white” toothpaste-they actually help to whiten your teeth, brushing a few weeks?

Objectively, they mostly have a glow effect and safeguard against the formation of plaque. They can not replace a workout with scaling or laundry done in the dental office … rather they must be used to supplement, especially if you have stained teeth.
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My suggestions:

  • Egydium white
  • Sensodyne whiteness care
  • Prowhite whitening toothpaste

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