Comment faire pour avoir un cuir chevelu sain afin de favoriser la repousse des cheveux

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How to have a healthy scalp to promote hair growth ?

The key, it seems to have a healthy scalp, it is first a good hair hygiene with shampoo suitable for your type of hair. The rule is 2 shampoos per week, more if you have a greasy hair or if you are very athletic. It can also play on the hair masks that sheathe the hair shaft and give a silky hair easy to style. Finally, fortifying bulbs help promote regrowth by oxygenating bulbs … to use if your hair is fragile and brittle.

My advice:

  • Shampoo sweet oil wonder Garnier
  • Intense Masque laboratories Keranove
  • Bulb against seasonal falls Creastim Ducray

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