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Dr. Sy Khadi Bizet, dermatologist and aesthetic physician, has kindly agreed to provide us with practical advice and answers to all these questions we ask ourselves regularly and for which we do not always have an answer. Each week you will find in this section are easy to implement tips and clear and reliable information to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You can now send this to all your questions

In your opinion, what should be the routine to follow every day in terms of hygiene and care to ensure beautiful, healthy skin (face)?

Above all, know well their skin type to give him the right moves and cosmetics that he will do good.
If you have oily or combination skin, cleansers and moisturizers will be tasked one hand to rid your skin of impurities and seborrhea and secondly to moisturize without the grease
If you have dry or sensitive skin cleansers are very gentle and moisturizing rich moisturizing particles.

Finally if you have irritable skin, you will avoid the Hard water and opt for cleansers lotions and moisturizers have a restorative function.

The right moves are:

  • cleanse morning and night and if you wear makeup in the evening prior to proceed carefully with makeup removal wipes or cleansing milk suitable for your skin type
  • in the morning, it moisturizes the skin to protect it from the external environment
  • in the evening they brought him a nourishing cream, as it is in sleep phase that cells repair
  • Products and exfoliating masks will be selected according to the needs of his skin and used at a rate that corresponds to him My suggestions:
  • Lotion micellar Avène for sensitive skin
  • Cleansing Gel Keracnyl for combination and oily
  • moisturizing emulsion so different from Clinique to dry skin
  • Effaclar duo Roche Posay for problem skin

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