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Dr. Sy Khadi Bizet, dermatologist and aesthetic physician, has kindly agreed to provide us with practical advice and answers to all these questions we ask ourselves regularly and for which we do not always have an answer. Each week you will find in this section are easy to implement tips and clear and reliable information to take care of yourself and your loved ones. You can now send this to all your questions

How often can you do a body scrub?

I will answer you, it depends … First, depending on your skin type, if you have a thin, dry skin once a week is more than enough. However, if your skin is normal, you can erase twice a week. Finally, if you have areas of roughness on the thighs or buttocks, you can erase three times a week.

Then it depends on the type of product you use exfoliating: If you choose a exfoliating shower gel you can use everyday. It is particularly recommended before sun exposure to perfect your tan. But if it is a paste exfoliating, rhythm is tune to your skin type.

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