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A stunning combination of colors, gestures and sounds. The golden sand and blue sky blend indigo loincloths that dance, fly and twirl, driven by hypnotic strikes of sabars. Beauty of the deep voice of the singer who springs from a charming smile and harmony symmetrical movements of the dancers and dancers stretch to air their calabashes. Everything is grace, beauty and charm in the Ndaanane clip from the latest album Li Ma Doon Senegalese singer Adji Kane Uzzah Diallo, Adiouza for music lovers and fans of this new lady m’balax, the national music of the country the teranga. The video was released last year, but it deserves a big heart and a special mention now, as the daughter of Ousmane Diallo, said Uzzah, monument of Senegalese music and pioneer in urban orchestras m’balax , starts an international tour and stopped in Paris on 26 April at Zenith for the night Divas of Africa. In the dazzling choreography, traditional decor and lyrical texts of the song, Ndaanane is a tribute to women and the culture of Senegal, its friendliness, its perfumes, its hospitality. A reminder of the values ​​of a people who do not need to look elsewhere for ways of its evolution.

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Polyvalente, je teste pour vous des spas, des lieux atypiques, des produits beauté ou de nouveaux objets destinés à émerveiller notre quotidien. J'aime la vie. Les voyages. La slow food. Le développement personnel. Je suis une jeune femme d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

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