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New schedule for Nollywood TV

Since April 14, the THEMA group, publisher of “Nollywood TV” Channel, launched a new version of its program schedule. “Nollywood TV” is a string of African fiction available in most bouquets to Africa (Free, Orange, CanalSat or Numericable). After a launch in October 2013, the THEMA group wanted to take stock of this year’s broadcast to draw positives with very encouraging rate hearings. It was also to erase errors may hamper the development of the chain over the long term. And since mid-April, the cable channel has two different signals: one for Africa and one for France. This new version aims to improve the hearings with the lengthening of the recent movies (2012-2013) released in an editorial continuity.

In its desire to satisfy its viewers, the THEMA group has brought many innovations in its programming.


By Mistoura Yessoufou

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