Nutri5® center of Paris 2nd

Dieting makes you fat you have? We were right!
Now permanently slim down

Nutri5® offers an innovative and recognized approach of taking care of overweight.
The ultimate goal of Nutri5® protocol leads us to work on losing fat and developing your muscle mass to help you find a body in which you feel good.

This basically involves knowing a lot of personal data your body composition.
You know can be a healthy weight, but do you know your BMR, your visceral fat, muscle mass, your body water …?

You are unique, that’s why you Nutri5® offers an individualized response to a solution taking care to measure and that with a full coaching.

That’s coaching, coaching and nutritional rehabilitation which our employees have been trained who are key to the success of the delicate phase of stabilization.
Thus, the discovery of your past mistakes will strengthen change your eating habits and you will be comforted that on the scale and in the mirror.

This dual approach, both physical and psychological, that will help you find the thinness for you, we naturally called “leptothérapie” from the Greek word leptos, meaning “thin” and the word therapy, which represents the head that is therapeutic to the body.


Paris (75) – Centre of Paris 2nd

Nutri5® center of Paris 2nd
17 rue de la Paix
75002 PARIS
Phone : 09 83 07 55 67
Mail :

Center Manager: Carole BELGUISE
Dietician: Marie WINCKLER

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