Part 2/4 – What are the origins of The TDL ” worker of Light? “

The light workers consciously choose to enter the karmic wheel * and explore the different forms of confusions and illusions associated with it. The TDL carry the spiritual awakening capacity that is faster in them than in other individuals. These rapid internal seeds of spiritual awakening allow them to be on faster tracks than others when they choose to be so. Note, however, that this is not because these souls are “better” or “higher” than others. They’re just older than other souls incarnated on earth. To understand this reference to age, we must adopt the point of view of “experience” rather than in terms of time. Well before incarnating on earth and to accept their mission light workers have reached a particular stage of enlightenment. This choice is made to “understand fully experience on earth.” It is by passing themselves through all the stages of ignorance and illusion that they are getting the tools that are useful to them to help others achieve a state of true happiness, but also illuminating. What are the reasons why light workers to pursue a sincere mission to help humanity? Why do they risk getting lost themselves long in what is called the heaviness and confusion of earth life? These are important issues to ponder. Know, however, that this is mainly a type of karma says “galactic”. Light workers took part in the creation of man, they were present on the eve of the birth of mankind on earth, and are what we now call the co-creators of humanity. In the process of creation, light workers make choices and act according to procedures they are then brought to regret deeply. They are here in order to catch up with the decisions they have taken before.

For a better understanding of the origin Lightworkers” .A reminder about The Wheel of Life or Wheel SAMASARA is required. The most significant reminder that we can offer you is that of the Buddhist Union of France. Feel free to send me topics and issues that challenge you, send me your views, comments and personal requests by e-mail.

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The wheel of karmic existence *

roue-de-la-vieThe wheel of karmic existence, more commonly known as the wheel of life, bhavachakra in Sanskrit: Pali bhavaCakka: and Tibetan (srid pa’i khor lo). That is, in Vajrayana Buddhism, a figurative representation of samsara. This image is one that both Indian and Tibetan representation. Held by Yama, it contains the different aspects of life. It is powered by the three poisons: ignorance, attachment and aversion, which can be seen in the hub, represented respectively by a pig, a rooster and a snake. A first inner circle represents the karma of a succession of good or less good states between which ones run according to their deeds. They can be divided into six existences planes represented in a second circle, which may themselves be distributed between three worlds: Arūpaloka (world of the gods), Rūpaloka (world demigods) and Kamaloka (world of men, animals, hungry and infernal beings beings). The outline of the wheel represents the twelve interdependent links (co-arising) now the man in samsara: the initial ignorance, karmic formation, consciousness, name and form, the knowledge base, contact, sensation , lust, attachment, becoming (bhava), birth, old age and death. Is usually represented outside of the wheel a Buddha out of samsara, which points to a wheel with eight spokes symbolize the noble eightfold path. This wheel, attributed to a vision of Mogallana, is an IndoTibetan symbol often depicted in thangkas (Source: Buddhist Union of France).


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