Part3 / 4 – TDL – Special Features

The TDL is not a special envoy contrary to what some people think. He is a being who has made choices before incarnating here and now, while having decided to restore some elements related to its various experiments in previous incarnations. Reply to this unfinished and awareness of light per se for oneself and for others. It is a question for him to experience great spiritual experiences, convey spiritual teachings to as many or engage in nice big causes for the respect and protection of our planet, dignity and property of his brothers and sisters. Awakening to the divine light in the TDL enables it to radiate unconditional joy in him and around him. It is an ineffable light distributes to its peers through His Presence” but also “The Eye” and “His Hands”. It’s like a love energy, purification and healing it brings to others, in all humility. The TDL has truly become aware that love is the ultimate reality, absolute reality in which all realities are transcended, chooses to listen to the depth and width of his heart condition. It is an uncompromising anime, pushing constantly to rise in its production, ascension … Theme which will be discussed in more detail in the next article momentum.

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