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Part4 / 4 – T.D.L: pitfalls for a peaceful rise

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The state of ignorance and illusion is a trap that every worker of light can be taken. Wearing a heavy karmic burden” may be one of the factors blocking the road to enlightenment of it (note: it meant by the term enlightenment, having fully realized his divine nature). That’s it, the realization that is essentially a being of light able to choose light. As this awareness is not effective, it may be a good time for diverted his way. The karmic burden is related to decisions made previously regarding humanity in its infancy. Its decisions are disrespectful of life and the TDL must fix the mistakes of the past, restore what has been destroyed because of this. Once it has made ​​its way through the karmic burden, he got rid of the need for power in all its forms, he will realize his true nature. Thus, he can help others to find their true selves. The experimentation of this process demands great inner strength and determination. It must first go through this journey. The TDL can not be part of the established order, it is often confronted with value judgments fed against him by the company, and manages to say that something is not right in it. Which sometimes causes him to doubt, denial and even occasional depression or despair. To get out of this state, it must cease to seek “external validation” whether parents, friends, professional relationships, friends, or society in general. He must perform a real leap to his “True Power” and “really believe in him,” without waiting for the approval of anyone. It’s just how he will comply with his natural intuition and inner knowledge. We will discuss in the next appointment the pipeline.

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