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Planetary Bulletin October 2014

Planetary Bulletin October 2014

A pivotal month – accompany the changes needed

October is a month of eclipses which means that this is a month of change

How do we decide to support change? Will we choose to live those “purposes and revivals” as a necessary step to allow the hatch “new us” or will we curb the 4 irons? It is only in this case we could live events like eclipses The Moon is linked to the habits and maternal safety, a lunar eclipse like the October 8 could cut us what brings us security or outside love to invite us to find this safe inside. In Aries Libra axis, it may ask us to leave an old relationship or rather non-relational mode. Of events might help us if we pay attention, to capture what is experienced in our early relationships with our parents or people who had our expense. Are he had a “guardian” to the child that we were emotional investment? Have we learned of the coup to invest our relationships? Are there had insecurity, sudden changes in attitude or random? We have experienced betrayal, abuse, abuse, manipulation, shame, terror? What do we plan today in our relationships? Do we tend to flee? to demonize the other? looking for a culprit in the relationship? The possibilities are endless

We may also contact old guilts to better provide free ourselves, the largest of guilt is related to the fact that we believe we have a debt to our parents, we seek debt to repay through unconscious missions cut us off from our Mission soul. How will you tell me to use the event as a springboard to this understanding without staying in the mind? I invite you to go to your unconscious at some point you can get in you.

Contact the situation that gives you trouble. How do you feel? You said your body? Are there an image that has occurred? For example, suppose your boss you have to feel guilty. Listen to this guilt from the point of view of the child. Listen to your muscles to live with this guilt compassion for this child who has captured the projections of guilt sent by his parents. Let your party intact listen that emotion. An emotion needs to be able to move the presence of a genuine listening, otherwise it is always and again … If you have difficulty contacting this part take the time to feel the energy of someone who inspires you love unconditional love and let you wrap and then go meet the child with the sweetness, or bring along a therapist present to body language and vibration. Take the time to recognize this emotion, which often has not been heard in childhood … Accompanying this first eclipse will we too, like three times a year, the opportunity to experience what we astrologers call “demotion Mercury “and is linked with a call to turn our communication inward. Mercury retrograde is known to trigger strikes, cause delays in the mail, they say it is better to avoid signing contracts during this period. But we can go to his senses and turn our gaze inward by meeting our old guilts, recognizing that perhaps we were handling child victims or becoming aware of our relationship with death and sexuality (Scorpio subjects involved in the transit of Mercury in this sign until October 10), or even to shame. Then Mercury will enter the sign of Libra inviting us to observe carefully what is at stake in our relationship and support from the message of the eclipse … how to remain centered in our relationship, leaving us with no handle and no more gain power over the other? Our body is our best ally to tell us where there is something that is not just where we say yes when we think not, for example.

From 4 to 16 the look is more than ever turned to the past to better understand the patterns. From 16 we will be able to consider new values, new ways of relating. The new can begin to emerge in our heads and it is only from the 25 that its implementation can take place.

The solar eclipse of 23 in Scorpio it will push us even more to make a clean sweep by accepting a radical transformation (New Moon eclipse in Scorpio), which could affect our bond of love but also money. The way we live will depend on whether we have previously accompanied the changes proposed by the sky, especially since 2012 or if we slowed their heels delaying this transformation. No judgment here because everyone does as he can in this time of global acceleration. Do not forget, however, that our inner planetary movements are changing and sometimes the only way we have to release emotions buried for years has been through a “test of life.” More than ever in this month of October, we are invited to look beyond appearances, develop compassion for ourselves and the children we were daring and tenderness and authenticity. Have the courage to go towards you is always rewarded by the universe then we descend keeping the faith! Paradoxically, fire energy pushes us forward and can advance certain business records. So we will have to juggle between external demands and our dives into the inner world! With this trend fire, it is recommended to check our impulsiveness and our tendency to “preach” believing that only our vision is good (which pushes to the extreme atrocities that could be heard in the press committed by terrorist confident of defending a just cause).

So keep listening to the opinions of others while daring to assert our vision. Moreover, a vision never spread as far as when it is integrated and we give envy to others by our example and love that we identify, track us.

I know how this period may seem heavy with old patterns that rise to the surface and I want to tell the people working on them for years: you have advanced; it’s just that the time asked to go even deeper into the recognition of injuries, to break away! I wish you a beautiful month of October by hosting the “dead and rebirths” needed.

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