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Planetary Bulletin

Planetary Bulletin

A month to Dare to love and be positioned in the union of masculine and feminine polarities

I want to start this entry on a positive note, the planets do not leave us much respite at the moment and for some time, we must say what is! It is the famous “Mercury” that governs the communication between other went direct and will take a little gallop from early November, enough to advance negotiations or other business contacts of all kinds, make new friends, share good times with friends, especially as it gets and amplifying the beneficial influence of Jupiter! What also can start on new modes of communication including truth, authenticity and non-violence (ideally). The last three weeks have invited us to rethink how we manage our relationships with others, and the most sensitive of us will have to make connections and take the time to listen to aspects of themselves not aligned a lively and authentic communication. It is now time to implement the change with a revival in this area that will grow and live to its full realization December 8. More good news: the end of October and beginning of November will let us know genuine moments of sharing and osmosis presence of love itself, the presence of the other. We could get carried by the energy of the heart and let the barriers of our separative ego! Enjoy it before tackling the full moon of November 6, which could come to us:

  • Where are you in terms of internal security?
  • What role you give yourself, what place do you give to others, what just limits ?
  • How to reconcile security and desire to make you creatively?
  • What is your relationship with money?
  • What do you refuse to let go? What areas or are you trying to control?

 With each full moon as an opportunity to experience associated tests but also an ability, especially here, healing, Chiron is our great healer of the game! But the highlight of the month will be in my opinion to 11/12/13 November period really ask us not to enter into a form of violence or aggression or spray with others. November 11, specifically may reveal old family records, activating guilt or resentment among some, especially since it is a holiday that could be the family! Yay! The challenge is not to fall in the famous drama triangle persecutor and victim savior, do not try to transfer the guilt onto others as a rugby ball that everyone is trying to pass”! This will be the time to go hand contact briefs in connection with the violence, abuse, or abandonment guilt and be on the lookout for messages from your unconscious that is sure to give you tracks by dreams or day signs” during this period by boosting the activity of the unconscious. This climate will remain present until the end of November but less intense. This could also be an opportunity to dare to transgress and dare to create, write or act covering topics considered taboo by society and give us strength and perseverance to further action that will bear fruit in the medium and long term. The New Moon of 22 will bring energy and Sagittarius invites us to find the balance between dream and reality. It will allow us to consider new projects to receive new lessons. It is important however to keep our discernment because the temptations of leakage or believe in spiritual healing magic systems or that could solve our problems in record time may be large. So keep at the end of the month enthusiasm and openness of our friend Sagittarius leaving aside utopias or the tendency to fanaticism associated with it when the energy is experienced in excess, aided by Saturn the wise old man before. One of the challenges for the month of November will be to reconcile the masculine values ​​of action with these very feminine values​​, responsiveness and sharing equally intense to strike a balance between work time and time to introspection and just contact our office, avoiding the giving or taking from others … It will be important to be as clear as possible with ourselves in order to position ourselves in love with firmness if necessary. We live in a great time that is anything but relaxing, then accompany the movement to make it more fluid!

By Ariane Clément.


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