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Planetary Energies in December 2014: the noose is loose and it feels good, up to the foundation of a new life …

Planetary Energies in December 2014: the noose is loose and it feels good, up to the foundation of a new life …

I invite you to drink with me because Saturn finally leaves Scorpio! It will return to make a misconduct between June and September 2015, but in the meantime we can begin to leave some of our underworld or to resurface in contact with the energy of our depths!

Saturn really represents the wise within us, the contact with the basics and Scorpio is full of all the memories that have remained contained in our unconscious.

Therefore a major clean since October 2012 that we all lived as best as we could: exciting but exhausting!

Even if as a therapist I am passionate about the underworld, a small lull will still do good to everyone of us !

With the entry of Saturn in Sagittarius, it is more our belief systems that will be required to be refined and we shall have to meet doubts about our faith in order to transform and develop a faith that is not based on belief systems but on a real internal opening.

Possibilities of great spiritual initiations are coming inviting us to move towards greater control, all this between late December 2014 and December 2017!

Of course the inner work will continue but it’s like a water table that could clear up, at least for those who have chosen to live according to the call of the unconscious for 2 years .

The Full Moon of December 7 (0:10 pm French) in the axis Gemini Sagittarius may ask ourselves how we can integrate what we know in order to embrace it. What is our teaching? Is it an educational experience, or just a repeated one?

What kinds of lessons do we want to follow? Which teachers inspire us?

Do I accept to let go of outdated beliefs or am I still determined to be right?

Other issues that may arise in connection with this: what flexibility do I want to have in my life?

It is possible that some confinements that we still wore in ourself, refraining to move towards more freedom, could relax. Our confinements are often within us, where our binary thinking can prevent us to imagine original solutions and to think outside the box.

While the month of November could make us meet old anger and feel helplessness, the entry of Mars in Aquarius on December 5 will possibly use that energy released in favor of creative works and for the good of all. The world is not doing well? It is up to each of us to act in its own way to make it evolve …

The New Moon on 22 December at 2:37 French time in Capricorn supported by Neptune and Jupiter could be an opportunity to realize the broad visions of early daring to lay the foundations of a structure that allows the seat of our dreams.

Also a good time to use the holidays to meditate and to put things into perspective!

Meanwhile, on December 15 we will live again an exact aspect between Uranus and Pluto (6th) both of these transgression planets that mark the stages of birth of an humanity we have been living for several years, always with an acceleration of consciousness during the exact aspect often dubbed with global events shaking literally or figuratively.

Venus joining Pluto in mid-December, it should foresee new transformations in the relationships that will be tested on their strength, inviting us to move towards more authenticity with true healing opportunities brought by the sextile Chiron, the healer of zodiac.

We will be asked to leave the guilt that may still be eating up our relationships and to get out of the dependence to enter a genuine sharing, heart to heart in which we are both autonomous and not separated from others.

Power-based relationships could burst or show their underground bases so we can start again on a good foundation.

Some relationships will become extinct having no place to be in the new consciousness.

For France this New Moon falling in the home 3 will focus on the following themes: siblings, cousins, neighbors, concrete learning trips.

Home 3 is the time when the child leaves the dyad with the mother to open to discovery.

With this mass in Capricorn it is possible that guilt from brothers/ sisters relationships or trauma experienced during your studies reappear in order to better free yourself from them.

Overall another voltage is also defeated in December between our two social planets, one calling for caution and the other calling for confidence. A creative relaxation can lead us, after having weighed the pros and cons, to establish realistic and ambitious projects.

To sum up, it is time to see off and lay the foundations for new foundations, leaving our insularity, like a diver who begin to arrive in the promised land!

The old rigid King gives way to the new king who took the time to face his inner monsters and dragons and is legitimate to govern because he knows the various members of his kingdom, and possesses the wisdom of the one who has gone through (almost!) all stages …

I wish you Happy Hollidays in connection with your inner realm!

By Ariane Clément.

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