Sitinoraiti, a tremendous « act of love »

On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, Sylvia Wilson-Millet created the orphanage Sitinoraiti after the tsunami that devastated the Asian country in December 2004. Under the care of a couple of Indonesians, children living there slowly regain confidence and are followed until they get diplomas and a job. Explanations.

What does Sitinoraiti mean?

Sylvia Wildon-Millet

This is the name of my mother, and that means “Light of heart.”
It was her dream to help children of Sumatra, the island where she was born.

She was herself adopted and an only daughter. My mother wanted to pay back what she was given, but she fell seriously ill and therefore no longer able to do so. I had to make her dream come true, and that’s why the orphanage is named after her.

What is the purpose of the association “The Gesture of Love”?

Sylvia Wildon-MilletThe objective of the association is to help children and also some families in Indonesia. We handle between 14 and 16 children maximum and follow them throughout their schooling. With us, they find love, security, education, but also three meals a day and medical care if necessary.

How does the sponsorship work ?

Sylvia Wildon-Millet

After careful consideration, we decided to ask each godparent to take all of the orphanage as godson and not a particular child. By this choice, we wished not to generate difference between children: some would have rich sponsors while others would only receive a minimum aid. In this concern to minimize social differences, you can see on the pictures that children wear a uniform to go to school or college. Sponsors undertake to pay monthly 16 € to the association.

What will happen when the children grow up ?

Sylvia Wildon-Millet

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of children, ensure their safety, educate them, to help them integrate into society and, ultimately, in the professional world through monitoring after the age of 18.

What are your challenges ?

Sylvia Wildon-Millet

We especially want to build a guest house so that the orphanage can generate income and at the same time offer children a place where they can do their internship.

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