Stéfi Celma

Stefi Celma, multi-talented actress

New darling of French cinema comic, Stefi Celma dazzled by his talent since his debut in 2011 on the big screen in Case out . Very young, she already had a passion for music, comedy, writing and the stage. This is the music first, which leads to the front of the stage at the age of 5 years, the show school fans . As a teenager, she perfected in dance and Dramatic Arts, then embarked on modeling as it represents brands such as Givenchy, Garnier, Benetton or Reebok. In 2008, she collaborated with for his musical comedy Zazie Floor Circus . Stefi Celma but does not stop there, since then turns to the small screen and gets supporting roles in big series public Second Chance , Josephine Guardian Angel . After television, the actress tries her luck on the big screen in 2011. First, she plays Rosalie in the hit series Case out written and directed by Fabrice Eboué and Thomas N’Gijol. It continues to rise, and in 2013 it is showing two films Not very normal activities Maurice Barthélémy, released on January 30, and Trainers Pierre Francois Martin-Laval, which attracted over 4 million viewers. She will also be taking part in the following Profs 2 . A record flawless announcing a successful career in the beautiful and talented Stefi Celma.

By Mistoura Yessoufou


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