“The Black Stars of Nollywood,” the guide Nigerian cinema Aset Malanda

With the approach of Nollywood Festival from 5 to 8 June in Paris, writing offers the first newly published entitled “The Black Stars Nollywoodthe ambitious Aset Malanda book. Project from two passions: writing and African films. The young author has set out the issues and characteristics of the Nigerian film in order to discover the extent of industry, yet little known.

“Do not expect me to describe an African so-called” dirty “and” sick “. I see this continent with different glasses, especially when it comes to things that work well, “warns us Aset Mananda.

The book presents the main actors and actresses nollywoodien but also major films have contributed to the reputation and growth of Nigerian cinema. A comprehensive and informative reading to be unbeatable on the “Nollywood” phenomenon book!

More : “Les étoiles noires de Nollywood”, Editions Aset Malanda  available Amazon et Fnac.fr

By Anne Waas

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