The causes of Crohn’s disease – Part 2

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The causes of Crohn’s disease can it be inherited? While this is not entirely a genetic disease, certain genes may increase the risk of developing it. Recent research has led to the discovery of several genes including susceptibilities NOD2 / CARD15, which apparently multiplies by 4 or 5 the risk of suffering from the disease. This gene plays a role in the defense system of the patient’s body. Note, however, that other factors are necessary for the disease to occur. As in many other diseases, it seems that a predisposition combined with environmental factors or lifestyle triggers genetic disease. What is the evolution of Crohn’s disease? Approximately 10-20% of patients experience a sustained remission after the first outbreak of the disease. Relapses and crises are quite unpredictable, and their intensity varies. Sometimes symptoms (inability to feed, bleeding, diarrhea, etc.) are so intense that hospitalization is necessary. It is a chronic disease that remains present throughout life. Often, it evolves in spurts, with periods of remission that can last several months.

Crohn’s disease can cause various health problems. However, the severity of symptoms and complications vary widely from patient to patient. There, in the list of possible complications, obstruction of the digestive tract, ulcers in the lining of the digestive tract, wound around the anus (fistulas, deep cracks or chronic abscess), bleeding from the tube digestive, bowel cancer (rare but sometimes severe). Among the possible consequences, we can identify: a malnutrition, stunted growth and puberty in children and adolescents, iron deficiency anemia because of bleeding in the digestive tract that can occur at low noise and be invisible to the naked eye. Other health problems, such as arthritis, skin diseases, eye inflammation, mouth ulcers, kidney stones or gallstones may also occur. Crohn’s disease in active phase can make it difficult fetal growth and increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women who are infected.

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