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Le  layerin

The Layering: the steps to beautiful skin

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Straight from Japan, the layering or “thousand sheets” is superimposed cosmetics on the face. Perfect for a whole new complexion, this ritual is performed in six steps in a specific order in which you are the secrets.

Le démaquillage à l’huile
Deep cleansing oil

Deep cleansing oil : In the layering cleansing oil is done using a prewetted cotton or directly with his fingers.

Our tip: choose organic cotton preference.

Cleaning soap-free gel : After the step of removal is deposited on the face of the gel, is rubbed gently and rinsed. 

Our tip: Choose a cleanser or gel depending on your skin type (normal, oily, combination, dry or sensitive).

Le nettoyage au gel sans savon
The cleaning soap-free gel
La lotion

Lotion : This step helps give luster to the face. Lotion reinforces the action of the cleanser.

Our tip: Choose rosewater Damascus if you like hydrosols or a tonic.

Our tip: choose organic cotton preference.

Serum : Very useful to maintain hydration of the skin, a few drops are enough because it contains all the concentrated assets whose skin needs.

Our tip : the aloe vera gel is a powerful ally that contains many properties that helps fight against skin aging.

Le sérum
La crème du visage
Facial cream

Facial cream : This is the final phase of layering, it comes moisturize and protect the skin from external aggressions.

Our tip : Consider alternate and mattifying moisturizer cream (which acts against blackheads).

The eye : To effectively fight against signs of fatigue and aging, eye cream completes the layering.

Our tip : if you do not like creams contour eyes, cornflower water is a perfect decongestant to remove dark circles, signs of fatigue and time.

Le contour des yeux
The eye
Ce qu’il faut savoir

What you should know : It takes on average 10-15 minutes to perform all these steps. The results are shown after three months.


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