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The NGO Plan International launches petition to “50,000 hands for the education of girls”

On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl, October 11, the NGO Plan International Solidarity launched the petition to “50,000 hands for girls’ education,” available on the Internet. This petition has already been signed by actors, journalists and singers who also agreed to be photographed the “hands” gesture of official campaign initiated by Plan International in 2012 According to the NGO rallying today ‘hui still, over 65 million girls do not have access to school. Also, through this petition, the public and the personalities signatories call on international bodies and governments to make the right to education for girls a priority. In this action, Plan International has chosen as ambassador, journalist and co-presenter of Grand Soir (France 3), Patricia Loison. She was kind enough to answer our questions.

What prompted you to join the side of the NGO Plan International ? Patricia Loison

For me, the cause of girls’ education is very important, especially being a mother myself of two daughters. I also committed because I see a certain normalization of the case in the life of every day and even in the media. It is important to raise awareness about the fact that even today, all the girls do not have this essential right. So when the NGO has asked me to be their ambassador, I did not hesitate for a moment.

How do you explain the fact that there are still more than 65 million girls who do not have access to school ?

Patricia Loison

This figure alone explains the difficulty that lies around girls’ education. They have, for the most part, want to go to school, but a question of money, distance, family support, they are private. While it has been proven that a young girl out of school brings money to the country and then has the ability to build a better life. We must ensure that for families sending girls to school is no longer a constraint.

Do not you think that the issue of girls’ education, must also go through a work on attitudes ?

Patricia Loison Ah yes, I think the work on attitudes is essential and that, from an early age. ! And the NGO Plan International is working on this aspect, especially in schools. Indeed, through education, the organization teaches children that they have rights: to be safe, to be fed and go to school. They are girls or boys! Children need to know the rights and pass on to their friend (s) and their parents. These children are the actors of these changes for their own future.

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By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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