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Ceux qui sèment-Graines de Résistancev3

“Those who sow seeds-Resistance” *

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Janisse RAY


“Be brave, go plant seeds. No passion, no seeds. No compassion, no harvest. “Zen proverb that is the image of the life of Janisse Ray. Woman of action firmly rooted in the land hands, she takes us on a journey from garden to garden in the southern United States. It blends in this work scope, botany, sociology and politics. Draped in all his humanity for us to acknowledge the importance of food self-sufficiency, it encourages us to think deeply about the need to understand that food self-sufficiency, but also to act. With or without a garden within reach. This strong message, especially universal and documented, reveals the essence of the energy that the door every day.

If you want to explore the issues of war seed that is currently in progress between a few mega-corporations seeking to “standardize” and “privatize” the living, if you want to understand the underlying motivations of millions of farmers, gardeners and farmers trying at all costs to avoid this “privatization” catastrophe if, like them, you think water, air, fire, seeds are part of the common heritage of humanity, then sow your seed reading this book, which is simply a gift to current and future generations. Famous author and speaker, Janisse Ray will not leave you indifferent. You will leave this play up and excited by his passion for seeds, gardening, gardens. It also demonstrates a genuine interest in people and their stories, symbols and stories of vegetable seeds now for a few thousand years.

A string of women and heart action has helped make it accessible to all, the work of Janisse Ray, whose translation was done by Jennifer Dalrymple who had the ingenious idea of transmitting virus and his passion for this author Eva Wissenz. Which decide to edit thanks to a fundraising campaign that will be supported by Vandana Shiva (ecologist, and Indian feminist writer) and other concerned citizens. The book cover is simply a divine inspiration of Anne Steinlein, young French designer and painter.

No doubt, you’ve got a great gift idea to offer and offer for Christmas!

* Those who sow seedsResistance” Seepia Publishing.

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