Treat phobias with EMDR and EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques Emotional Freedom Techniques or founded in 1993 in the United States by engineer Gary Craig. It is thanks to the work done in the ’80s by Roger Callahan (psychologist, hypnotherapist, specializing in cognitive phobias) that it has been able to develop this efficient and fast psycho practice used in psychotherapy and coaching.

“Letting go is free image and emotions, resentments and fears, attachments and past disappointments that cloud our mind,” said Jack Kornfiels.

For years, a plethora of techniques are proposed by professional staff development in order to facilitate this process. These include: meditation under different methods, yoga with its many declination (depending on the school), the hypno-therapy, EMDR therapy that results in neuro-emotional integration by eye movements (discovered in 1987 by an American psychologist Francine Shapiro but popularized in France by the psychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber in his bestseller “Healing”) and, among other techniques, it is also practiced EFT sessions as sequences.

This technique listed in “” alternative “(often associated with sessions of psycho-energetic) therapies aim to alleviate the emotional and psychological suffering of individuals. It is to stimulate the meridian points listed in Chinese medicine; thereby restore and eliminate disturbances in the body to transform the mental health of the energy system. In a first such practice exercises; it happens that some people are prone to laughter see crazy sometimes uncontrollable laughter or crying sudden. But over the years and, as and when these people take consciousness of the need for this tool; they become much more attentive, more concentrated and seriously ownership of this method.

Writers, philosophers, spiritual masters, musicians are all carriers of messages and brought humanity to the different methods and tools to learn to let go. I suggest you today; E. F.T.

For those of you who want to practice letting go, I suggest you read some books that we nicknamed “Einstein Daphne Rose Kingma emotions or, for example, the American author Jack Kornfiels saying also that “Letting go is freeing the image and emotions, resentments and fears, attachments and past disappointments that cloud our mind.” He was also a Buddhist monk teacher of Vipassana current in the Theravada tradition. He wrote “the art of forgiveness, generosity and kindness.”

He wrote “the art of forgiveness, generosity and kindness.”

You can also read “EFT for” Genevieve GAGOS an accessible introduction to this technique, or view a few of his videos on youtube or dailymotion for practice.

In the next article we will discuss letting go through the basic techniques of EFT. This is an opportunity to visit some say alternatives (in three parts) therapies. The first part will focus on the psychological reversal and preparation.

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