Tribute to Regine Deforges, feminist and free love

regine-deforges portraitFeminist rebel, Régine Deforges died on April 3 at the age of 78, following a heart attack. Writer and editor, she did not hesitate to take his choice of wife, confessing, at the age of 15 in his diary, his love for a girl the same age. His passion for books including erotic novels, pushes to become in turn bookseller, bookbinder, publisher and writer. In 1968, she launched her own publishing “The golden time” home, becoming the first woman publisher in France.

His first act is to publish an erotic novel that will be provided after 48 hours by censorship. The editor is sentenced later for “gross indecency” and deprived of his civil rights. Nevertheless, it continues to publish books banned and eventually file for bankruptcy following numerous lawsuits and heavy fines.

In 1981, the novelist begins the trilogy “The Blue Bicycle” about the adventures of the young Léa during the Occupation. This trilogy is a popular success that it sells more than ten million copies. With the character of Léa Delmas, Régine Deforges articulates feminism said, making her heroine a cheeky courageous woman who takes her sexuality and boasts both free and loving. A bit like him. And when she talks about her life is in these words: “Here it is my life, not serious. Part of me did not enter into adulthood.

By Mistoura Yessoufou

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