“Veep” policy set to female, but not that …

Veep - 04 - Julia Louis-DreyfusBroadcast since 2012 on the American channel HBO, the Veep series has been renewed for a fourth component after a late third season full of surprises.

Created by Armando Inannucci, Veep follows the crazy life of Senator Selina Meyer who, after losing the primary election of his party, is being appointed Vice President of the United States. Entres setbacks and real political issues, the functions of the new “veep” and his fine team an opportunity for manufacturers to prepare a hilarious satire, however realistic, of American politics.

More than yet another series that puts strong and independent woman at the center of the plot (The Good Wife, Scandal, Damages, etc..), Veep is a series of intelligent and humorous both dysfunctions and inefficiencies of side of Washington replicas witty, a powerful distributed and especially an outstanding main character played by actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live).

Another peculiarity of this series: Veep draws attention to the scenes of a political scene misleading trend with only the charismatic game its players. To see if this is already done!

By Anne Waas

Veep - 02
Veep - 04

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