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Since August 12, Venus, planet of love has entered into the sign of Leo. It has all the majestic Lion bait. She shines until September 5. But his dazzling seduction is reduced by 1 March (the heat) sulfur in Scorpio and Saturn (discipline) also in Scorpio. Notice the signs of frustration involved. Others will be spared. Journal of amorous temperature according to your sign.



PISCES: You want to shine to seduce the elect (s) of your summer

These are native of the second decan (3-12mars) leading the wave or the lovers roll. Everything takes place under the guidance of a caring procession of several planets. Saturn (the time) friend Scorpio guarantees that would link to the emotional CDI. Mars accompanied in the same sign to signify that physical attraction is alive and Pluto in Capricorn adds a touch of metamorphosis. Neptune, god of the seas in Pisces creates an atmosphere that is both surreal and magical. And Venus in Leo, since August 12, you still encourages you to address your finery languorous mermaid or sea emboldened by the currents of emotions. The two other decanates are so lucky but on a less pronounced register.

SAGITTARIUS: A golden triangle planets lucky in love

It’s a triangle of fire and good fortune providing close supervision of your outstanding sun, including the second decan (December 3 to 13). Judge for yourself: in your house of love, in the sign of Aries and fire like yours, unpredictable Uranus sends you a memorable Cupid’s arrow that you ablaze. Lion sign friend, two sumptuous planets come glorify your romantic encounter of the strongest passion: these are Jupiter and Venus that offer you this blossoming love, rare in a lifetime. You can not let this cycle a memorable event. You still have to fully experience this exciting time. The first decanate (22 November-3 December) is also favored in the early days of the second half of August with the same feeling of fullness that bounce around September 10. At this time, the third decan (December 13-22) should also be drawn into that happy emotional turmoil that fills the Sagittarians.


GEMINI: An increasingly large yard hearts to take

Despite your success continue to grow, you know to keep a cool head and heart available. Astrally speaking, you are the phoenix planets. A halo of planets combine to ensure a seducer Popularity (trice) without having to make any effort. A happy trio of planets around you their benefits: Jupiter, Venus and the sun is currently in Leo sign eminently sympathetic to you. This trio is very stimulated by the planet Uranus (unexpected and Renewal), well aspected to you from Aries. This is the second decan (3-12 June) that picks the largest bet in love. You know fairly distribute your smiles, your eyes benevolent and kind words. From August 17 to 23, he’ll have you decide to choose. The period is beautiful, carefree, with just a little bit of illusions. But summer has been beautiful. Other decanates and especially the third (June 13-21) will be a little better filled by the end of August.

VIRGO : For once, you love sparkle and put you in sight!

Unlike the fire signs, it is the planets Saturn (discipline) and Mars (the fighting), both in Scorpio which give you moral lovers …. more reliable. Quite anxious sign, Virgo will not easily let go of the piece, that is to say, does not proceed easily. This year bonds have been created or will establish, for latecomers, especially since Pluto, the planet of metamorphosis (in Capricorn, another earth sign like yours) is also in good aspect to your sign, especially the second decan (3-12 September). Since July 16 Jupiter, good fortune, rose in Leo and he was joined by Venus since 12 August Solar fire of Leo warms you even more with these two planets very warm. They make you who have timidity violet even in old age, to make you very attractive (ves) with the precision that characterizes the Virgin. Love and shine! This is your credo of this pretty narcissistic August.




ARIES: Jupiter and Venus in Leo give your loves the sunshine

Finally, you breathe! Mars has stayed for six months of this year until July, in a sign that you objected, the Libra and this planet combativeness hindered you. It’s over since July 26. Mars entered Scorpio, is far less harmful to you, Aries. Second good news, Jupiter the planet of protection stays in Leo, the sign of your love, since July 16. And astral icing on the cake of the zodiac, Venus, planet of love, is also in Leo since August 12 Staying generally one month in each sign, Venus will approach Jupiter from August 17 to 23, this aspect of forming a junction amorous chance for second decans of Aries (April 3-12). But Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and renewal is at 16 degrees of Aries and will be very well aspected by duo or Thunderbolt, which are Jupiter and Venus in Leo. And even if you have your head in the air, Cupid’s arrows will wake up the neurons of desire. Other decanates are involved to a lesser degree. It will wait until September 10. It will be worth it and sparks.

CANCER: Better prospects settle

In your astral sky, allies are more to support contrary assaults Uranus (in Aries and in bad aspect to your sign) and Pluto (challenge) in Capricorn opposite your sun. The second decans (July 3-12) are exactly in line of sight of the two planets whose work engages fundamental changes and it would be better to accept. Fortunately, since July 26, Mars, the planet of the fight, just support you with a powerful Saturn (time and discipline), both in favorable aspect Scorpio, water and home of your love sign. These are formidable counterweight to the vicissitudes endured because Uranus and Pluto for two long years. With the arrival of summer, your love is strong, they give meaning to your projects and now, of course, more strength. You are the sign of spontaneous emotion with Jupiter and Venus in Leo will soothe the more sensitive side. You have a few cards to decide the new direction of your destiny.


BALANCE: A welcome revival after two years of hard

In summer 2014, Jupiter and Venus are in Leo and you bring balm to your life and your heart. Amorous friendships are waiting for you to respond more optimism destabilizing Uranus (sudden unintended) who settled for three years in Aries, the sign opposite to yours. It’s a sting that forces you to accept some changes. Firepower, which gets rid of some assets and routines, is mitigated since July 26 with Jupiter in Leo who plays the role of referee planet and good fortune. You’re paralyzed (ed) by contradictions but you suddenly see things with different eyes and unlocks situations ensue. Venus increases the stimulating effect and you return with more confidence at the helm of your life as much as the emotional joys lighten the atmosphere. You can now better mess with Pluto and Uranus, that is to say, to undertake changes in your home and in your associations or contracts; The second decanate (3-12 October) is the most supported by this shift. The first decanate has already faced large roll. The third decanate, it has plenty of time to prepare and in less difficult conditions.

CAPRICORN: The blows collar become more efficient

Like the sign of Libra, you feel more and more clear to do more … wade in the astral semolina. Certainly Pluto (questioning) was well embedded in you and it will remain there until 2017 he clashes with Uranus (sudden hazards) which has an inner fire in your life and you try as best wrong channel. What begins to happen since Jupiter entered into Leo on July 26, came to give you a hand with Venus, the love. You are, little by little, to break the ties of a former way of life and you are incorporating in another with Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, two other allies who support you in your slow moult. Because as a Capricorn, you do not like things to change and you have paid the price for the first six months of 2014 The second half of August, you believe your senses “disappeared” all hands working again. You have open eyes to find your new soulmate. At the time of this writing, you should already be in sweet company. The second decanate (January 2-12) is quite concerned with the opinion of better climate. Others are much less shaken and also enjoy good aspects.




TAURUS: Your strong desires are repressed

Opposite your sign, Saturn (discipline) in Scorpio joined by Mars (aggression) in late July may, if one may say so, you pull the rug out from under them. It is the second decan of Taurus (3-12 May) that are most at risk. Scorpio is the sign that represents for you Taurus, home contracts, associations and marriage. This home is because of the specificity of Scorpio, strongly linked to sexuality. And, it is possible to deduce that in this area, the relationships may experience a difficult period. Low desire or lack thereof, which marks a questioning of the relationship to another. A sort of obstinacy characterized, especially for Taurus second decan, by being trapped in endless resentment. Other derogatory aspect Jupiter in Leo, the sign that does not protect you hardly can open a dispute related to the home. Venus has also just come into Lion since August 12 and the lure of home, marital comfort seems a bit helpless. This is an exceptional situation and you are just born with Pluto (challenge) in Capricorn. Your philosophy of life is to review and a small spark of hope has emerged to September 5: Venus in Virgo, friend, lets hope some concessions that lighten your environment. The first decanate is less exposed to these influences and the third cross similar tensions will ease after September 10.

LION: Delays and blockages, a temporarily difficult time

You are under opposing influences of Uranus in Aries side (and unexpected revival) is a nice look to your sign where Jupiter, the great benefactor, has just entered. He is joined by Venus (love) since August 12. This is an aspect of luck and unexpected opportunities that arise. The period between 17 and 23 August should be highlighted for everything related to your projects, including love. It potentiates the opening possibilities for solutions. He must know how to enter at a time when Saturn (discipline) and Mars (the fight) in Scorpio create barriers that will last until early September. Be careful about all decisions. The optimal time would be after September 10, when Mars plays critics in Scorpio, will enter Sagittarius. And there, a powerline appears to give a good impact your decisions. Know procrastinate and perspective: these are your only assets for now. The second decanate (3-12 August) is most affected by these issues. Others have more free will.


SCORPIO: Love is not waiting for you at the moment

Some notable opposition to your desires, objections served by Jupiter in Leo, a sign that does not favorably aspecting you. Especially as Venus, planet of love your ambitions, also stationed there from August 12 to September 5. These two planets will be hampered by a powerful Saturn in your sign and Mars (war) who joined him on July 26. It’s a feeling of paralysis that blocks your amorous desires. Fortunately, Pluto (questioning) supports you in this dilemma quite temporary. Indeed, Venus will enter in Virgo sign (friend) on September 5 and March will leave your sign on September 10 for Sagittarius. It will gnaw at the bit so far and to refrain from acts or irreversible especially from 17 to 23 August lyrics. This is the second decan (3-12 November), which will have to control his nerves. The first decanate (Oct. 22-3novembre) is less torn because Saturn imposes more influence; and the third decanate, less exposed, it must be on guard early September.

AQUARIUS : You seriously doubt your abilities of seduction

It’s rare for you but it is also useful to go through painful phases of questioning. This is the case for the second half of August Jupiter, the law and luck, in Leo rather hostile, do not fill you with His favors. Venus (love) that the escort in the same sign, you made ​​a wry face. Serious things happen in couples where
risk of misunderstanding settle. But the most tense aspects are sent from the sign of Scorpio, which exerts on you its crab claws with the planet Saturn (discipline) that requires you, in the field of home to look reality in the face. Reality that is all
imposed by conflict ignited by Mars (war) who also stays in Scorpio from July 26 until September 10. The only advice to follow: do not maintain this small fire that may be devastating for the period from August 17 to 23; this is the second decan (2 -12 February) with an interest in the roles of firefighters prefer those arsonists. Fortunately, the planet Uranus (changes) in Aries you can instill good habits not to yield to the fire … your neurons. The first decanate (January 22-February 2) will be exposed briefly around the 20 August The third decan (February 12-21) will have to negotiate this shift in early September.



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