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WEEK IN Monday, May 5 Sunday, May 11 shoving DATING OR NERVE?

WEEK IN Monday, May 5 Sunday, May 11 shoving DATING OR NERVE?




ARIES: A heart to make a false or thunderbolt?

Since May 4th, Venus, planet of love, is entering your sign: bustle love

guaranteed for the first decanate (March 21-April 2). You open one eye quickly excited about a new appearance which also heats your neurons. Think a little bit before you jump headlong, as normal, because the land will conceal some pitfalls. Perhaps this is to please you, so if you like storms and alarms unchecked by the arrows of Cupid a little duplicitous to you, so plan a plan B. The same outlook for the second decanate in a fortnight. The third decanate is still spared all the thunderbolt will be less volatile.

CANCER: The atmosphere in the office that is rocking the heart!

contingencies and changes are set for a few years in your sign: work, couple, family, love …. A new reshuffle is underway and you are you have to fight on all fronts. With this Venus broke into the fiery sign of Aries on May 4, the first decanate (June 21-July 2) believes he will finally breathe with beating heart for a stealth or a colleague. And why not? The planet Neptune in Pisces friend, enhances your feelings. The second decanate (July 2 to July 11) remains protected by the planet Jupiter: fortunately, because it is he who must negotiate more existential turn. The third decanate (July 11-July 21) is quietly shelter, protected by the planet of discipline: Saturn .


BALANCE: Another shot of heart! But is it good?

In the still unbroken round of your questioning, now arises the seductive Venus, your favorite planet. A small problem: since May 3, she is passing until the end of May, in the opposite to yours, the sign of Aries. Certainly, your heart is racing, especially the first decanate (September 21-October 2), but, as normal, it swings … There you may have reason. Wait a few months, the desire will be even more significant. The second decanate (October 2 to October 11), you are more involved in situations to unlock. Your turn to May 17 We’ll talk. The third decanate, (October 12 to October 21), you stay in your bubble, without disturbing anyone. Venus will reach end of May.

CAPRICORN: Passenger disorder lovers

work and family Scrambles, there you all you need to get some emotional compensation. Here Venus tumbles for a month, in the sign of Aries, which is not a sign friend, with his fiery and impulsive. However, Capricorn, introverted and suspicious that the love will be a little bit unsettled by this UFO came from the stars. The first decanate (Dec. 21-2janvier) is at the forefront to tackle the first kicks. Although attractive, they will hesitate to go. Dithering with scratches self-esteem. Venus in Aries is a provocation! Capricorn can only retreat into its shell. Even predictable for the next two decanates scenario, after mid-May




GEMINI: A loving friendship that takes you

This is quite unexpected: you are in his company for some time, but only as a friend (e). And now the link takes a very warming twist. You suddenly looked at from another angle, some titillating rustling, and the hormone of desire well. This is a spring gift Venus in the fire sign of Aries and friend that you can not afford to ignore. Perhaps the scale will next August, but for now, sail, surf these beautiful romantic waves. If the first decanate (May 21-June 2) is the first spoiled, this is the second (June 3 to June 11) which is supposed to reach the peaks, and the third (June 13-June 21), it is more moderate to late May.

LION: A mini thunderbolt. Last, will not last?

Since May 3, the first decanate (July 22-August 2) should be awake with this Venus entering with ardor in the sign of Aries. And the enthusiasm you like as your sun sign love its warm rays with all the fires of love. Venus in Aries can only fill you up because it involves you in its wake with force and you can not resist. Is it going to last? This Venus-like face again citadels, those requiring it effort. Otherwise, if the meaning give in too quickly, it will go elsewhere, find the resistance that excites the highest point. So done with you and Murez (not too long, anyway!) Maintaining the objective of your love strategy overpower your laser rays. The second and third decanates will be discussed after May 17 Same battle.


SAGITTARIUS: With Venus in Aries, your attractiveness is rosy!

It is in the home of your love that Venus will stay. It will bring the fire of passion that will arise without warning; Of course, you’ll welcome with courteous alacrity that characterizes you. Warm your seduction will be appreciated. This will be the first decans who will be affected this week (November 22-December 2). It is still at risk of illusion that may be around the beginning of June. End of July, you will know better about where you engage. It’s your heart decide … After May 17, the two other decanates benefit from climate cloudless blue sky in a love.

AQUARIUS : What love fishing!

In close friend or in a small displacement, will your thrilling racing. You will have wings Conqueror (e) to seduce your lover (se). Your weapons of seduction? You will, as normal, surprise your partner, to express a tenderness that will stun your charm. The first decanate (January 22-February 2) will be the first on and it will react to this Venus in Aries in a quarter turn: motivated, invested catchy. And love will bloom well in spring. Short break in late May. The two other decanates, will also be pleasantly alerted to May 20


Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces: MUST WAIT YOUR TURN


TAURUS: Lovers elk does not account for you!

A brunette Venus, which will perhaps arouse you repressed impulses, because for you it is not the time or you’re already committed (e). This favorite is tempting … but the risks high. Then, you try to divert your attention. It is very difficult. An inner struggle that nobody around you suspect tightness. Taurus knows hide his feelings when it is not appropriate. And then you are invested (e) in real estate projects that mobilize your energy for some time. Then, the core or stone? Perhaps, would it be wise to stay on your current positions. In early June, this Venus will enter your sign, and there you will see better the colors of your love sky. Patience!

VIRGIN: A sensual attraction without more!

On 3 May, you open a discreet eye, but interested in a very attractive person, but you impulsive, Virgin wise, you always think about two or three times . You do not put as your romantic attractions broadband. But more attraction persists, the more you make high effort not to get carried away by what may be an essentially sensual appeal. Your inhibition is really turbulent. Only the entry of Venus, the goddess of love, the friend and yet very sensual sign of Taurus in early June, will allow you to give free rein. In the meantime, you can watch, watch or burn … without touching!


SCORPIO: A demon noon at the office!

The arrow is very recent: it is unchecked, in early May, for a meeting in your professional world. The person is lively, impetuous and strong character. All Scorpion properly constituted is not supposed to be indifferent strong temperaments .. You can not stay. But unknown remains: in front, it does not give you a plot of ground in your attempts favorable approach. Your self-esteem Scorpio is reached. And you become anxious recklessly (e)! Especially as the age difference between you is marked by a few many years. But it is not of decisive importance for the moment. Still, the passion is watching you and will reach a peak in early June. We’ll talk.

FISH: A strong attraction as an ephemeral stream!

You were swimming quietly in your normal water arose when a character at the beginning of May, which drew you to your romantic lethargy. But what a character! Wriggling, deploying a kind of quicksilver and shaking your water waves ripples increasingly precipitated. You borrowed promptly this new power couple. But the water is treacherous: as a quiet as sharp and you’re playing a real hide and seek or even chased crossed with the one who sparked your tender emotions. Will you finally catch in your nets? He or she escapes as a true eel! In the end, it wears you out! Pace yourself fin the entire month of May. In June, a powerline finally lead you where you want.



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