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WEEK FROM 16 TO 31 July HEART AND NEURONS MAY OCCUR stormed by waves of emotion uncontrollable

WEEK FROM 16 TO 31 July HEART AND NEURONS MAY OCCUR stormed by waves of emotion uncontrollable


All hands to battle and uncertainty for all hearts in love during the last fortnight of July the planet of love Venus enters the sign of Cancer on July 18 until early August. During his stay in the very capable and even skinned alive sign, it may take its ease emotional because it will be thwarted by two formidable planets: Uranus (unexpected) in Aries and Pluto (questioning) in Capricorn. Certainly Saturn (stability) in Scorpio is the household but it was not until late July. Are you among the jealous lover? You will hardly the party … The other rarer mine will not see anything ….

SIGNS TRANSPORTED BY CURRENT LOVE: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio.


FISH: A romantic waves lull you

It is primarily the first decanate (21 February-2 March) Pisces sees his love rating peaking emotions. Venus in Cancer, in good aspect to their sign around its waves of tenderness, without obstacles. If you are attracted to a Taurus or Scorpio, the choice is idyllic as these two signs also receive favors romantic Venus in Cancer. Sensual and emotional pleasures will be quickened by the planet Neptune (the amorous inspiration) in the first decanate of Pisces and Pluto (volcanic passion) in Capricorn. Perhaps it was with a work colleague that the thunderbolt or take a lover back. In all cases, the first decanate of Pisces sails rise to a significant milestone, the second decanate will wait until the end of July and the third is for 10 August.

TAURUS: You piaffez under emotional warmth

It is a quasi-blessed time for you, Taurus. Your ruling planet, Venus, in Cancer walks, sign friend. Escorted by Mercury, the planet of intellect, it places you in a romantic stimulation where there is better agreement between the partners. You offer walks romantic dreamers and nothing seems to detach yourself from your loved one (s). You are on another planet. Turning attention to July 26: Mars, the warrior planet enters Scorpio and claws of jealousy will start to shred this sweet harmony. Moderate your suspicions, if you are preparing a month in August and loving the evil cycle of heartbreak and reunion. You keep long burning sun but not a passion and a fusion time will see each take off.
Either you accept that the other is less chained or you may unleash severe kicking.


VIRGO: You knit around your heart of love mesh

Since fires July 14, your heart is gently glowing. With a good chance, the fire is reciprocal to your partner and you open up a path where you can not see yet the roses. You are right: the second half of July floods you emotional well-being and Venus in Cancer, July 18, offers a romantic tranquility that suits your temperament always on guard. Reassured (e) also by Mercury in Cancer since July 14, you’re thinking of rather tranquilizers future plans. And July 26 with Mars, the planet of passion in Scorpio, the couple continues to blaze maintain its high flame illuminating the merry month of August.

SCORPIO: Dice unexpected bursts of sweetness

How smooth sailing just cover your loving soul from July 18? An enveloping Venus as a clear summer moon enlivens your friend sign of Cancer. , The moon is in its home: it is a soothing calm moon in Scorpio volcanic enthusiasm. Loves privacy pacified are tinted; which is very unusual for the Scorpions who transform art lovers elk in battlefields where there is only one survivor, namely holding this sign. Now with Mercury (intellect) which is also installed in the sign of Cancer on July 14, the vision of love Scorpio fate (temporarily) sadomasochism is, in general, the marker of his romantic relationships . But things will return to classes for all Scorpions with their Mars that will make a big splash in quasi-sign their July 26 and old habits of domination will wake up …. Warning Notice for Non-Scorpions .




GEMINI: You fruitful, your charms

You are entering a period where you are invested (e) the desire to appear to the best of your beauty. With Venus (love) and Mercury in Cancer (neurons) in your home finances, you Drain your euros to become the star of beaches: summer finery, creams and powders, you have sworn (e) to become spotlessly the tip of the hair to toe. In this methodical organization, you hope that you will do fly on a wide range of suitors. Do not doubt it: from July 16, Jupiter the planet of good fortune enters the fire sign friend and loves, aptly named Lion. Its rays will further strengthen your favorite weapons, the charm of an irresistible humor that endears anyone well advised to approach you. Loving your summer harvest is likely to be so abundant. That is your desire!

LEO: You fold family

Your mood is gloomy in this summer and trying to find emotional refuge in your family. You’re a little tired (e) ephemeral adventures now mark your destiny in love. Then you deploy the family umbrella for you to declutter your disappointments fortunately temporary. If July 16 Jupiter enters your sign, it will give you ideas of splendor rather phantasied and away from everyday realities. You dream again the ideal profile, so unreal, and you let some emotional opportunities that could get some well-being. Hooked (e) your dreams of grandeur (the Lion has this weakness), you remain caged in the pit … Lions! Ventilate you, unchain you: on July 26, you will be (e) the challenge and you will get your claws to fight in the arena finally hearts to take ….


AQUARIUS : Work, family, love: cumulative catch

If you are not yet party (e) on vacation, you will find your workplace attractive to pleasure. And because, at the corner of a hallway, before the coffee machine or other professional place you made a joyful meeting and you are eager to continue. Unless it is in family reunions, a cousin or a cousin whose smile or look you electrifies. Or both at the same time, that is to say the combination of hearts to take both at the office, in family, etc … This is your favorite movie and this is where you feel in your best shape. Unfortunately, this time the stars are not on your side and Jupiter the planet of law goes out of its hinges this July 16. You will be held accountable even if you know thwart suspicion by your brilliant loopholes, sparks will crackle on 26 July and you will spend the month of August to wipe fire barrage on all fronts. What soldier (e) Love Them!

SAGITTARIUS: The financial affairs take precedence over your love

You are again taken, like any self-respecting Sagittarius, by your desire to flee and elsewhere. Especially with the entry of Jupiter in Leo, the sign Friend, July 16 and you catch your breath package eternal traveler. At the moment, perhaps you come to inherit and you only want one thing: From where the sun and the sea merge.
Do not immerse provided in the confusion of your desire. Identify well as elsewhere always seems better than here, especially for you. Busy you are with your ruminations roaming hardened you do not see too what is happening around you and some amorous (s) are paying the price. Open your eye sedentary, it is best that you not only were leaving. Thus traveling is unforgettable …


ENCHAINES SIGNS: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn


ARIES: If you’re in love, you do not know how to say

This is the emotional frustration that will weigh down the second half of July. Your heart is raw but you hesitate (which is rare among you) to take the first step. Is he or she is willing (ed) to me or am I going to take a rake? These are the questions very down-to-earth but oh millennia arise all undecided land lovers. Jupiter in Leo July 16th, ally and fire sign like yours, could affect the course of your destiny but you continue to turn in circles. One moment you keep some hopes and another you say, this is not possible. And nothing can get you out of your procrastination. Nothing, really? But if, but it will, dear Aries, use a rather absent home quality: patience. By monitoring the transit of Venus in Leo who will to August 10, the floodgates of hope open. It will be useless to rush as normal but to let things happen naturally. Lucky lovers will also sound for you! …. Pa maintenance-tez so! ….

CANCER: A new course and love but the upheaval announced paralyzes you

If you are reborn with emotional renewal, the period of the second half of July is announced both dazzling one side and the other, trying. You have created a new link with another reliable partner as any native (ve) Cancer you have the greatest evil to rehire you elsewhere. Guilt with you again because you must not break with your first family nucleus, but also accept to live your life while preserving what you originally built. You will, indeed duty, as do more than two decades thousands of blended families, balancing all the time again between your two home ports. It is pacifying your future plans that you will find other habits that so tranquilize Cancer in a new home. The period is critical of course, but she opens up promising from July 26, you will finally have the power to stop procrastinating and embark on another ship and calmer waters


BALANCE: Complications present that will not last

What lasting brakes! These, for the moment, seem so. Period of great uncertainty, but which gradually settles. Loves you seem to derive, professional contracts no longer hold the road well and whack privacy. Before these sad facts, especially not give up: there are always cycles in life that turn like our planet earth. Important dates to remember as benchmarks: July 16, suddenly a positive Jupiter in particular via a friendly support network, 26 July 1 March energetic in Scorpio to help you find financial solutions and balance on August 10 Venus in Leo gives wings to your throbbing suddenly very loving. While Uranus (unexpected) in Aries will upset the second decanates of Libra (October 3-11) and Pluto in Capricorn (questioned in private life) but they will be significantly offset, with the passages of the planets Jupiter, Venus and March to the end of July and August. You are finally on the threshold of a long period where your projects will be more sustained and less subject to sudden hazards. Ahead!

CAPRICORN: The domestic atmosphere pitching but you keep sailor

Venus and Mercury in Cancer opposed to the first decanate (2-11 January) to your sign until the end of July and you do not feel in the mood to think a moment about the affairs of the heart. Rather marital conflict will be on the front of the stage and not yet settled. Uranus (unexpected) in hostile Aries subjected to sudden mood swings, while Pluto (questioning) in your decanate forces you to rethink the reality that you refused to see it until now. Fortunately, from July 26 on March 1 angel appeared in Scorpio you requinque to think more sharpened alternatives. This March there who stayed for months in the sign of Libra you put serious roadblocks. This is an important step for you as much as Jupiter in Leo from July 16 will be a good aspect with Uranus in Aries and will release financial situation. Another ten days so to wait to get into a cycle where you have elbow room and more open to a terrific heart. Roll on August!



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