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 With Venus in the sign of Gemini friendly, loves this planet will be well aspected during almost the whole first half of July by the planet Mars in Libra, air sign like Gemini. Seduction of Venus will be amplified
by the fire of Mars, fire, in Libra, will always remain moderate but of exquisite delicacy. What are the signs that will draw their honey? Which ones will derive that gall? And other off-screen ….



GEMINI: The embellish loves you!

These are the second and third decans (11-21 June) will be at the party during the first fortnight of July. Your charm made ​​some havoc and it makes you more embellish your looks already very welcoming. Haro happily on the latest sales to seat your success with your fans. You’re still the star of the dancefloor: enjoy the summer belongs to you and you also belongs to your choice bouquet of hearts that are open to you. Your heart always balance, still no lucky winner (s)!

LION: A slight shadow behind the light!

Vying to deploy your finest to overturn more than one (e)! Venus in Gemini gives you spiritual sparks and you spin around as the royal bee over her hive looking haughty air of a round of its conquerors applicants. They are the second (2 to 11 August) and third decans (August 12 to 21) are the most popular (es). But Saturn in Scorpio you darken the mood, despite these successes. Your heart just waiting to be taken and you want sunlight, like Diogenes with his lantern, your love still be found. Maybe after July 16, your heart will beat faster there? Monitor-in its beats!


VERSEAU : What a Peach! Your pool of conquests prances!

You just have to let you off your prowess. To make pretty heart in every street corner, garden or other corner you turn multiple fires at the beginning of such fireworks can start fires without result …. just for you! You carelessly let those (or those) that you so on (ed) by forgetting them on your table hunt. The second decanate (2 -11 February) is especially designated for the vindication of his former admirers (matrices): Saturn in Scorpio, do not give him good press in excess of its success. Calm yourself so if the summer after July 16, you may delve into very difficult to unravel plots!

LIBRA: Your heart begins to relive!

It’s true! After a long period of shocks arising from all sides, you had no heart or neurons make eyes some love (se). From the beautiful month of May, thinning looks, with a peak on July 16: indeed, Jupiter finally arrives in the sign of Leo and gratifies you for one year protection. So you have some weapons to face hostility remains for another two years, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The heartened that offers Jupiter will make you have a nice summer where you will find the pleasure of pleasing!


SIGNS stationed TO BEAM OF LOVE: Virgo, Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces


VIRGO: A transient annoyance!

Gemini, frankly, is not always well disposed to you. But Venus, not very seductive to you, stays until July 20. It gives you little arms to look your best. It makes you morose and increases your doubts about your ability to please. Fortunately, Venus come July 20 in the sign of Cancer, the sign friend, and you’ll be less tense and more open to the vagaries of dating rather happy. These will be more favored in the entourage or family. You and prepare a rather hot summer for Virgin traditionally the reserve.

SAGITTAIRE : Une attirance…. à éclipses !

Une rencontre inattendue depuis le 23 juin, un être léger et charmant et qui d’ailleurs charme tout le monde. Vous êtes sur la liste des favoris mais…. vous n’êtes qu’un favori parmi les autres. Alors, vous êtes tenu d’attendre votre tour ou que le beau ou la belle veuille bien s’apercevoir que vous êtes bien accroché (e).Ce n’est pas une situation confortable que d’être contraint en amour de devoir partager. Cette inconfort vous pèse et vous rend heureux un jour, malheureux le lendemain. Attendez le coup de pouce de Jupiter dès le 16 juillet qui, arrivant en Lion, signe de feu comme le vôtre, va faciliter votre choix. Le plein été peut vous réserver d’autres rencontres moins aléatoires.


ARIES: Despite the misgivings you insist!

A t you ever seen someone so enthusiastic that lovingly fiery Aries in early summer? On 23 June, while Venus shot his arrows of Cupid from the Gemini, always well disposed towards Aries, it (or it) is constantly wanting to conquer the new object of his desire. Because it is a citadel and Aries is still much that when stimulated resist. Such is the case. In the first half of July, it’s been a while Aries is now tapping into all his energies to win the battle. Although risk shortness of breath, he must keep his hopes: July 16th, Jupiter in Leo will come as reinforcements because it is a sign of fire friend and the Restless.

PISCES: You let yourself without much conviction!

No, really, the heart is not there in the early summer. The reason? This is the Venus, unfriendly, installed in Gemini and who inspires you much. You, the fish usually wriggling towards everything that shines in spirit or beauty, is rather muddy, hesitant, even more: very skeptical. For the waters in which you operate at this time do not give you an overview of your love challenging expectations. The object of your desire has a tendency to take for a girl (or son) of the air: normal with Venus in Gemini, air sign. But you, dear Pisces, your power lies in deep waters and you do not surf after a stream of air. In general, for you, it can be even fatal. Literally as well as figuratively. From July 20, the Venus migrates Cancer, water sign, and there, all fish cease rowing: a beautiful starfish will titillate your fins!


SIGNS THAT ARE STILL WAIT: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus


CANCER: Even if the ground is moving less, you still hesitate!

Yes, Saturn (time and discipline) in Scorpio and in good aspect to your sun as Neptune (creativity) in Pisces, with few assets. That the links are rooted, you still have to fight against three planets: Uranus (sudden change) in Aries, Pluto (questioning) and Mars in Capricorn (fighting) in Libra. Wait until July 26: A Mars enters Scorpio will you raise the tone. While on 20 July, Venus in Cancer in your sign, you promise a nice romantic or passionate escape. This is a bracket that will do you good. Then you scrape your most seductive attire to live a summer burning.

SCORPIO: From standstill or dizzy?

You have some difficulty to emerge after the tumultuous passage of Venus in Taurus (opposite to yours) in June. Your love has been ruffled by a tornado as you know so well and enjoy creating devastating effects. What could be more exciting for a Scorpio formally dignified and self-respecting director of private shows where passions run amok? Week, you paused to regain strength and with the entry of Venus in Gemini (air sign), you ventilate the mind and nerves. A provisional quiet because on July 20, Venus in Cancer will smile and you renouerez with impulses that become more pacified, with temperature increases, more and more tropical. After July 26, Mars in Scorpio enters your sign and will make crackling sparks. You feel revived!


TAURUS: You ruez …. in a vacuum!

The previous month who lived the passing of your planet, Venus in your sign, you were almost ecstatic. For a Taurus, you felt grow wings. To do what and where land? Your clogs like to safe and solid ground and you are a possessiveness flawless. This secures you so that you will be able to surround an almost impassable enclosure (except for you) elected (e) of your heart. But often elected (e) is not of this opinion. And he finally found a way out. Today, you came to launch a search. Let him (her) so run and enjoy a freedom that is not monitored. On July 20, a loving Venus enters into Cancer, Breast sign par excellence, and if you have respected the autonomous space of your elected (e) you will find yourself in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Otherwise, Jupiter, gathering the law, will be in Leo on July 16 and will remind you to order. Escorted by Mars in Scorpio (sign opposite to yours), you risk being governed by your jealous instincts and you can not avoid the love bullfighting banderilles you yourself duly organized!

CAPRICORN: Hope you will like it!

You have endured difficult times when questioned have rolled your usual certainties to make room, in principle, a broader look at your environment. These crossings have been lonely, fortunately havens of comfort, especially in June with a reconciliatory Venus in Taurus solid. Venus in Gemini today and stay there until July 20. She makes a good aspect with Mars in Libra. You continue to enjoy the air but lighter on a background of anxiety that does not let you. You will be more released after July 26th when Mars, hostile to you and now in the sign of Libra, will settle in Scorpio. Suddenly, you feel that the grip loosens. Meanwhile, on July 20, Venus in the sign of Cancer ending will make you return into your shell more. Prepare a liberator August that will give your heart the satisfactions which he was deprived.



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