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Two stars, one of love, Venus, and the other duration, Saturn, will be mutually beneficial appearance and especially from 18 to 26 September. For lovers, the commitments made during this critical period will be placed under the sign of a constructive future. But everything will depend on the respective signs of each. Are you one of the lucky winners of love in the life of the subscriber to short contracts pre-term? Raise the uncertainties with the language of the stars.



CANCER: Finally, your heart goes crab hypersensitive to fight again

You are entering a period that makes you forget gradually the first six months of 2014 where everything was upside down. Your first ally, welcome Saturn in Scorpio, opens a marked better against the tough planets, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, causing many fuss way. This Saturn is already a good counterbalance to Pluto moves things in depth. Now you native and native of Cancer, you cling like a crab to your cherished habits even if they are suffocating. Since July 26, you finally agreed to move, watch carefully the prospects for change especially with a newcomer or new darling (i). While Uranus in Aries can still thwart your plans, you have another ally, Neptune in Pisces, which gives you a nice feeling for your future choices. Finally, Venus, in the friendly sign of Virgo until the end of September you beautifies life and surrender your fears closet. So let your heart beat in harmony with your new game.

VIRGO: Venus, Saturn and Pluto make you joyful and meaningful Thanksgiving

Love (Venus), the duration (Saturn), questioning (Pluto), this is the trio that accompanies you in the second half of September. Your romantic decisions will usher in a period of emotional stability, although they will be tinged with some anxiety that is chronic in native (ive) of your sign and also because of Neptune in Pisces, opposite to the Virgin. Your love would be placed under the bond of maturity: there would be an age gap between the two lovebirds, one (or one) being reassured (e), and is never enough when you are of the Virgin, by someone who has “gained experience”. So it’s a choice that would reflect well-considered his part, which is not surprising in native Virginian, who are known for their reason “reasoning”. It is well known astral: you seldom go forward one step ahead of the other without properly inspecting your environment. Thus they or they will seal during this period, suitable for their future, a commitment that meets their aspirations for peaceful long-term insurance.


SCORPIO: A choice imbued with wisdom, for you passionate Scorpio

Around you, it is hard to recognize you as you became (e) cautious (e) in the choice of your partner as you engulf usual in the tunnel of passion with weapons and crash. Scorpion generally choose instinctively as if they obey a first intuition, rapid and conclusive. In this time of late summer, Scorpio does not like to undergo the heat of the sun, saw the approach of autumn. But there it is surprisingly confined to a caution reminiscent native (ive) of the Virgin. The reason is that Venus, planet of love, is present in the sign of Virgo and influences the Scorpion its aura of discretion and reserve. But not until the Scorpion become shy violet. Far from it. Under the influence of Saturn (discipline of the time) in their sign, they temper their indomitable spirit and dark for a romantic inclination less boosted and more promising. In favorable aspect, Pluto in Capricorn winter, the planet of questioning, will support the thoughtful and balanced Saturnian note. All lights not take but strong spark will touch the heart of the Scorpion with a very soft in the sign of Virgo Venus. Beautiful autumn ….

CAPRICORN: What a sweet heart with calming colors of autumn

It illuminates you, despite its charm erased, the Venus love the earthy Virgo, like yours, and favorable appearance. It speeds up your heart beats to a new link. You go in, finally, friend (s) of Capricorn in a less upset that the last two years and in particular the first six months of 2014 You take confidence in the future in the company of a new era to take heart all that existential shake Pluto (questioning), currently planet in your sign for a few more years, are clearly tempered by Saturn (time and discipline) in Scorpio and in good aspect to your natal sign. First come the second decanates of your sign (January 3-11) who are more concerned. Venus in Virgo enlightens the good side by offering a brand new romance that brought you out of defensive withdrawal in which you are barricaded (e) because of the storms that have followed. And, like all survivors, you savor the delicious moments that brings you this charming and faithful Venus.




TAURUS: Your loves are beginning to bloom … too slowly

The sign of Virgo which is installed Venus, planet of love, is also the area of ​​your love. This Venus is the planet ruling in Taurus is very soft but retaining the Virgin passes through to the end of September. Maybe your impulses are they well received by elected (e) of your heart, but for now these gentle feelings are not yet cast. You feel inexplicably held back, not daring to take decisive action. For opposite your sign, the dreaded Saturn in Scorpio you take away your usual charming and interpersonal skills. And Jupiter protector in Leo does not grant you favors because it does not favorably aspecting you. Curiously, this is not too heavy for you because you perceive intuitively that your feelings are shared. This view allows you to take your expectation and hope, probably well founded: Pluto (challenge) is in Capricorn and it brings you this indomitable strength to realize, sooner or later, your emotional satisfactions.

GEMINI: The Venusian light rays in Virgo just your aura

You play as the mood light and the spring momentum of the zodiac. Your brain, usually so nimble, receive since September 5 tangents influences of Venus in Virgo. Tangents because the Virgin is not positive aspect with the Twins. This Venus in this sign until September 28, does not put you at your best. You feel a little off (e), the hair softened the pout, anything that does not match your character, usually brightened and sowing good mood around you. On September 13, Mars, the combative, settling in Sagittarius, you are again challenged to also counter its adverse energies to you: overwork, fatigue can you watch. Nevertheless, you have two astral coach: Jupiter in Leo that protects you against these cyclical vicissitudes and Uranus in Aries which preserves and stimulates your imaginative verve and your creative mind. So if Venus for a few days will make you frown, your friends and those around you will support you and make you forget your momentary displeasure.


BALANCE: A Venus in Virgo a little wilted, do not revive the smoothness of your seduction

Venus that flourishes in your sign, because it is in his home stays in the sign of Virgo until the end of September. Planet of beauty, seduction and love, at home, mark your elegance and your gracious love, Venus sees all its strengths heavily restricted in the sign of Virgo. It is distinguished by its qualities of logic, accounting, deductions that fed many outstanding work. Planet of the exaltation of what meaning Venus in Virgo becomes a counting rather than a storyteller to Scheherazade. For now, here you are, Balance, escorted by a Venus that do not magnify your gifts and often exquisite tastes. But maybe she will bring you to a little more objective rigor in the quality of your attachment, quality, is impressed with you from chronic indecision. In late September, Venus will come home, and there is time to decide …. arise during another slow month.

FISH: A affectivity in the mists of Neptune and Venus

If Neptune, the planet of intuitions but also fashionable illusions safely in your sign (it is the planet of Pisces Queen), its influence is somewhat blurred by the arrival of Venus in your opposite sign of Virgo. This is rational, is based on the realities as you, Pisces, your logic is primarily intuitive. Since September 5, Venus entering Virgo, not frolicking there. It is methodical, orderly, qualities that are not apparently first home. And she tends to steal your love you like romantic indefinable …. Venus in Virgo brings you back to more mundane realities that you extract a little bluntly, your expensive mists which you surround yourself. Suddenly you see your lover (himself) with different eyes, without rose-colored glasses, but with a strong magnifying glass that brings you to a few setbacks that displease the person who is the object. Is it an optical illusion or a reality that does not suit you? Calm yourself, friends Pisces, Saturn (time), in the protective Scorpio sign for you, you settled into a stable where your choices are rooted. Pluto (questioning) is also there to scout, to lift all the mists and any illusions.




ARIES: Your energy is invested in your ambition

From September 13, if you are one of the favorites of the zodiac with the lucky triangle between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius, this aspect first propels your career plans. Especially as Venus in the sign of Virgo entered in your area daily obligations of work and if your tasks are facilitated in a more pleasant environment, you are being mobilized (s) you climb in rank. Of course, a romance can be forged in this environment, but overshadowed by the tone of the sign of Virgo: This is a link that remains platonic stage. And your success will experience significant peak in late September within the professional recognition and results
remarkable. While storing the moment your emotional outbursts in the background, your skills go-getter, effectiveness is doing sparks. Your love (her) still expect that you please put on them or on them, your fiery gaze.

LION: For you, what are Mars and Jupiter that make you start

Like Aries and Sagittarius, you get this rare and powerful appearance that will last for a month, until mid-October: triple protection Uranus (change) in Aries, Jupiter (protection) in Leo and Mars (militancy) in Sagittarius. Since September 13, consider that you are now on a chariot that leads you to reap rewarding laurels. The doors open easily and, in particular, what are your areas of project creation and expansion to other countries involved. Certainly, in contrast Aries and Sagittarius, fire signs like yours, you should always deal with a Saturn in Scorpio which is a restriction in your activities. Maybe do not you go as fast as you want or you want to burn too many steps at once. With you to lead the helm of your ship overcoming wave that shakes from time to time your way. In mid-October, you should land safely with a thriving cargo.


SAGITTARIUS: Your casual elegance would tend to relax

Enthusiastic fire sign, you are now under the protection of planetary motion (Uranus) in Aries and Protection (Jupiter) in Leo and combativeness (Mars) in your own sign. A beautiful astral map that boosts the progress of your loves and your career goals. If you had a summer under the banner of shared love, from September 5, Venus located in Virgo aspecting not optimally your natal Sun. It makes you wary (e), hesitating (e), which is not in your nature. If not, it will darken the mood that you usually jovial. Your financial worries passengers may be at the origin of this short slump. You, whose appearance is embellished clothing brands personal and original as you are more inventive. Venus in Virgo, despite its qualities of sobriety, does not inspire you. It gives you the most concern to review the status of your accounts to ensure good health. So for now, business figures take precedence over matters of the heart. Next month will be much more joyously emotional.

AQUARIUS : Finally, the beautiful thinning of Mars in Sagittarius

Here since September 13, you finally see the point end of the tunnel: Mars, the action, entered into Sagittarius and he will counter effectively the other planets that stand in your projects: Saturn in Scorpio, in your area ambition, you put him in the crosshairs of your banker. And Jupiter (the protector) reminds you to order for your legal obligations. Now, with the benevolent Mars in Sagittarius, the path becomes less painful especially since it is well supported by Uranus (unexpected) in Aries, in good aspect to your sign. You have until mid-October to enter, as you know so well, unexpected opportunities that will challenge sealed. This is a transition period that will allow you to understand better prospects for a year-end which was hardly smiling for you over the summer. So you still have one month, no more, to restore order in the management of your business. Loves reappear after.



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