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Part 1/4 – What is that a TDL “worker of Light”?

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T.D.L means Lightworker. This is the name of a category of individuals who are generally motivated by Extending light. What it consists of practice? These souls are driven internally with a strong desire for knowledge, freedom and love of neighbor. So that motivation is a desire to extend the light. This is equivalent to that of a mission felt. The people in question are almost always solitary figures who do not integrate social structures fixed. They are often attracted to spirituality and, whatever form therapeutic work. They feel very often different from other people rubbed shoulders. It is through the various tests and obstacles that life encourages them to find their own path. This path is unique. The term TDL could evoke a misunderstanding separates as a particular group of souls of the rest. In addition, it can also give some readers the feeling to suggest that this particular group may be one way or another superior to others, that is to say those who do not work for the light.

This whole line of thinking is at odds with the very nature and intent of light work.” Hence the need for more detailed explanations. First, the claims of superiority are generally unenlightened. They block your growth toward a free and loving consciousness. Second, workers of Light are not “better” or “higher” than anyone else. They simply “a different story” of those who do not belong to this group. Because of this particular story (which will be discussed later) they have certain psychological characteristics that distinguish them as a group. Third, every soul becomes a lightworker at a stage of its deployment, lightworker” label is not restricted to a limited number of souls. The use of the word TDL lightworker” (despite possible misunderstandings) contains associations and stirs memories in us to help us remember. There is a practice that too, since the term is often used in our current spiritual literature advantage.

We will discuss aspects of life, and the history of TDL.

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