Quel maillot de bain choisir

What swimsuit choose?

The holidays are fast approaching, we at the beach, sunshine, cocktails etc … But before making our suitcases, there is an essential element to find and that the right choice can influence the success of our vacation. Yes, it is indeed the swimsuit that makes you value and can make you the most beautiful mermaid in the area.

So here are some tips to find the swimsuit that fits your body type, you sublimate and avoid any “fashion faux-pas”

photo1-Angelina Jolie

  If like Angelina Jolie, you have the shoulders, waist and pelvis of the same width, your body forms a H or a rectangle. The trick is to feminize glamorize” it! Bet on the ruffles, prints, hawaiian flowers, peas.

Try instead the two pieces with a beautiful neckline in more girly colors, more vivid as pink, red or orange!

Avoid one-piece suit and square necklines that accentuate your body rectangle!

If like Beyoncé, you have wider hips than shoulders, you are pear-shaped! The aim is to harmonize the silhouette. If one of the saddlebags, the goal is to look away from the area to attract more towards the upper body!

We opted for a two-bedroom apartment with a bra push-up, upholstered shelves with printed bandeau or horizontal stripes to expand the upper body. Finally, to always print more of a middle large, you can choose a bra which links are formed in the neck.

For the bottom, darker colors that will mitigate the wide hips” effect especially made ​​large knots in letting them fall on the latter is preferred, this will hide them.

Is avoided: the one-piece swimsuits, pants or panties with scalloped horizontal stripes that accentuate the saddlebags and further expand our hips!


If you have a buxom figure, chest, belly and hips bounced, the trick is to put your best foot forward and just hide it takes. The lucky you are, can afford one piece swimsuits and two-piece! Choose a few of the model, for a wraparound pants, lycra material type and solid colors or small patterns as large grounds thicken. Prefer bras Push up or V.

Avoid pants size too low, too low cut and too elastic materials which often mark

– If you have the shoulders of the same width as the hips and well marked size, you have a figure 8 Clearly, the so-called ideal morphology.. Lucky: everything is allowed!


That’s it, you are ready to choose “THE” jersey that will delight you!

More : http://www.only-you.fr

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