Painting with happiness

When using paint to become a better citizen of the world

The nonprofit organization Art in All of Us (AiA) but introduces a new program dedicated to children via a crowdfunding campaign (crowdfunding).

PAINTING WITH HAPPINESS is a painting workshop for free expression quiira to meet children from around the world, coupled with the production of a documentary series. A program whose goal is to provide them with sustainable tools to make them aware of their own creativity, and to consider the future on foundations of benevolence, esteem and self-respect; films to give them the opportunity to express themselves, to tell their city, their country, their hopes, their desires, their view of the world and communicate with each other.

[blockquote style=”2″]”I wanted to show the world through the eyes of his children and create a program dedicated to building a future without fear.” (Jean-Philippe Agnese,program founder and director)[/blockquote]

With a forecast of 8 Annual destinations, about 4,000 children who attend such workshops, especially due to the formation of hundreds of local teachers in pedagogy initiated by Arno Stern.

[blockquote style=”2″]”Children not only need food and clean water, but also to steal, to dream to create.” (Anthony Asael, founder of Art in All of Us)[/blockquote]

AiA chose to gather the energies of crowdfunding to raise the budget for the pilot destination, SLOVENIA, to later go to meet more institutionalized sources of funding. “The idea of this approach is then to return to the selective system with a strong message: this is what we can do without you imagine what it will be with you.!“(JPh Agnese)

To participate today in building the world of tomorrow, go to FP love this great initiative, and you?

By FP.

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