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Plongez dans l'univers du film d'animation japonaise

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Dive into the world of Japanese animation

Plongez dans l'univers du film d'animation japonaise

Hayao Miyazaki is called a mangaka. He is also director of Japanese animation films. He was born January 5, 1941 in Tokyo. Outside of amateur circles, it was almost unknown in the West until the international release of his film “Princess Mononoke” in 1999. This is when he knows a huge success worldwide and beats a record attendance, particularly in Japan.

Isao Takahata is also director of animated films. It is also during the release of his film “Grave of the Fireflies“, in 1988 it will be crowned with success worldwide.

It’s two directors are responsible for the creation of Studio Ghibli whose visual poetry and strength of the message have attracted millions of viewers worldwide. Their works are available for both adults and children, and for those who are lovers of designs, and especially the art of Japanese gesture. You will discover a large exhibition at the Museum of playful art in Paris. The opportunity to discover, understand what makes the visual grace and technical mastery of animation Miyazaki and Takahata. Take time for yourself and go see this show, you will not be disappointed! Immerse yourself in the great Japanese masters of achieving long animated film as well as their expertise. You will find among the works offered a range of creation whose Spirited Away and The Tale of Princess Kaguya. A very informative stroll through the world of Japanese anime generation

The exhibition, which opened on October 4, is available until March 1, every day except Tuesday.

Museum playful 34, quai d’Austerlitz art in Paris.

For more information, please call:


Science interests you? It is the place where you can indulge your curiosity: the city of Science and Industry has now become UniversciencesAdmire live the first landscapes seen from the ground to comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko and inform you of the first scientific results transmitted by the probe. An opportunity not to be missed to see the onboard instruments for such a feat. Also an opportunity to attend the place of the landing sequence and to learn more about the history of the observation of comets. The initial reactions of mission experts, researchers and engineers will be collected hot.

On Wednesday, November 12, 2014 it will be a unique event in which you can attend different conferences conducted by scientific experts. These are sessions offered and led by Gilles Dawidowicz, Jean-Pierre Martin and Olivier Goursac (Astronomical Society of France), and Francis Rocard (CNES).

At the end of your visit, do not hesitate to share with the readers of: relevant information that you have gathered. You can leave your comments on the website or send me by mail your opinions, remarks and personal requests by e-mail:

Information and reservations : 01 40 05 79 90.

City of Science and Industry – 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris.

By Aissatou KOUROUMA.

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