Crescence Bibi-Mani

Who is Crescence?

Her name Crescence Bibi-Mani. Its name tells you maybe nothing, and yet … All fashion lovers know her pretty face, elegance, slightly swaying gait, if the only way to pay tribute to the creative genius of the designer she wears the garment . Discreet, humble and always accommodating, Crescence offered his talent to the largest, from the mid 80s to the present. Beautiful one day, always beautiful,” one might say that that is still required for advertisements, showrooms or photos. Carven, Torrente, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Feraud, Guy Laroche, Loris Azzaro, Weill have been touched by the grace and professionalism of this creeper came straight from Cameroon to become a model in Paris,” leaving behind her daughter single and family.

[blockquote style=”2″]I was born under a wild cherry tree in the bush. I was greeted by the stars and crickets at night. It’s original [/blockquote]

The whole life of the seventh child of a family that had 9 is full of features. A mechanic father and a mother shopping in cocoa, Crescence was born in the 60s, in the village of Ngomedzap, 80 km from Kribi on the Atlantic coast. She will live happy until the age of 12, before joining Tamba Veronica, her older sister, in Yaounde. It’s there that she sprouted the idea of ​​”winning (his) life by wearing clothes.” Seasoned businesswoman, the sister who sells clothes finds it sells better that Crescence door. Soon, everyone around her told her that she would succeed, if she became a model. The girl then 14 years and hears the word “model” for the first time in his life.

With Tamba Veronica, she arrived in Paris. All hopes are allowed. If it follows a demanding and comprehensive training in modeling career in 1985 with Simone” is the field that forge his first professional. She learned to walk on the catwalk, to “sell” at auditions, posing for magazine pictures with the great photographers of the moment. She wants excellence and succeeds. His agency shaves his hair to Grace Jones. We must distinguish in this business. “A model must be noticed as soon as she walks in the door,” said one who carries on the same businesspassion for almost thirty years. Soon, luck will smile at her and she will often be noticed and chosen among dozens of others, advertising campaigns or to be a model cabin. The rigor that binds Crescence pay. The fairy tale takes shape and color. Between the dunes Marrakech for fashion photos, prestigious fashion shows, unexpected trips, meetings, she lives her life and saw his dream girl.

[blockquote style=”2″]I quickly realized that being beautiful also included dangers. I almost got kidnapped twice. It is a risky business where the border with prostitution is very thin. We must not fall into the many traps. [/blockquote]

Having a high opinion of her profession, she avoided carefully, all the traps. And prefer to be an ambassador of beauty with makeup, but without job.

[blockquote style=”2″]It is important for me to be an example both physically as morally. I always wanted to do my job with perfection, and with a smile. Once back home, I take off all the makeup, and I become a regular and loving mom. [/blockquote]

Colleagues say that the beautiful Cameroonian her beauty is matched only by his kindness, positive and supportive side, enhancement of teamwork. “If it is not as well known as these sisters despite its rich and successful career, it is because it has always been discreet,” said Eric Enyéngué former model who has often embodied in the trade, with the perfect couple Crescence for TV commercials or newspaper. He keeps it a bright memory. To use a modern expression, he says, she never wanted to be the buzz. To do his job in a professional and then go straight home, without exposing Crescence‘s practice.

Shy by nature Crescence had to overcome to succeed in this very special world of fashion in Paris. It was not in their culture to show off in front of strangers. As in the salons of ready-to-wear when he is asked to get in underwear: “Marching on a podium and be in a living room are two different things. I was not able to scroll in lingerie … “

Today, the one who learned everything through hard work wants to pass his knowledge and expertise:

[blockquote style=”2″]Modelling is a very physical job where you have a good shape. It is also intense, urgent. Sometimes you have to scroll down to three houses on the same day and you change so many times that you do not know where you live! Whatever troubles you have to go through, you have to go pass as if nothing had happened, after crying in the cabin or after removing spider monkey. Whatever happens, a mannequin parades![/blockquote]

Lady Luck has often been on the way to this sweet woman sleek beauty. A week after its formation arriving from Cameroon, she has nowhere to sleep. It is a compatriot, met by chance in the Paris Metro, which will lend him a hand and offer him food and shelter. It is always with tenderness and emotion she remembers who helped his career born and talent to burst into the open. It is now time to tell her story as a woman, mother and international model, for example, to encourage emulation younger. Pass the torch. And prevent abuses of trade.

By Claire Renée Mendy


A recent advertisement for an American brand with Crescence (at first she plays the skeleton dance at the end, it is a group).

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