Qui fait le buzz sur la Toile_semaine42

Who is the buzz on the web?

The buzz this week have in common is humor with a touch of imagination. Because life feels lighter with a bit of humor as we demonstrated, for example, Maysoon Zayid is a chart on the canvas, with biting humor. So look, laugh good heart, it can only do you good!


Humour is the weapon of Maysoon Zayid, “Palestinian Muslim paralyzed living in New Jersey.” She says lightly spicy and its history and struggle for a better representation of disabled people into society.

And if women hitting on men in the street but with their words, their thoughts to them, it would give what? Here is a video that gives us a little insight. What do you think?

You could not miss the Vine 6 seconds of the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The latter -en response to a user imitating Barack Obama, who asked him how many calories they burn on average for each occurrence (meaning “turn up” in English) replica with a small video of his own. The first lady will move to the rhythm of Turn Down For Whatsong with a “Turnip” (turnip in French), by hand. A new video shared more than 5 million times, which promotes the prevention campaign “Let’s Move” led by Michelle Obama, against child obesity.
Simona Bonafini

How would perform our favorite Disney characters if they had access to Instagram? This is the question that arose illustrator Simona Bonafini drawings in support.

A little sweetness in this world raw with this puppy trying to bark in vain!

By Mistoura Yessoufou.


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