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Who made the buzz on the web?

Who made the buzz on the web?

The buzz this week revolve around one main theme: emotion. We‘re going tears and laughter, then a tip: get out your handkerchiefs!

Start with Khadija Gbla young Sierra Leonean woman who lives in Australia. In this video, Khadija says angrily, humor and derision, the history of its excision (note: female genital mutilation) and its consequences in his life as a woman. A moving testimony, exciting and forward-looking.

This week on social networks, we could not escape the clichés of American reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her ass . And if we do not talk about these photos, but rather the words of Tina Fey concerning him on Twitter. These words are excerpts from her book Bossypants, dating from 2011, but still relevant. The actress, comedian and American writer there is a rapid assessment of changing standards of beauty

Passionate about architecture, Mohammad Domiri young Iranian photographer has chosen to honor the finest monuments of Iran. It thus delivers high color photographs of architecture in the Middle East including large traditional mosques.

This is the moment emotion a little story to remind us of the importance of family; to spend as much time as possible with loved ones. But do not forget to tell them and telling them you love them.

This story around the web, a man sharing his inspiring story to raise awareness of the importance of family, the importance of words, the importance of evidence

After 21 years of marriage, my wife asked me to take another woman at the restaurant and even to accompany the movies.

She said: “I love you. But I know that this woman loves you too and wants to spend time with you This other woman is my mother. She is a widow for 19 years and lives a hundred miles from home. My work and my three children keep me going to visit him regularly. The same evening, I call and invite him to go to a restaurant and cinema.

“Are you okay? You made me look weird? “She replied.

“I thought it would be nice to spend time together, just the two …”

She thought for a few seconds before saying, “I’d love my son”

Friday after work, I swallowed the road that separates us a little nervous. She blow-dried, and had put one of his finest robes. Even an angel would not have had the same smile

“I told my friends I was going to dinner with my son, they were impressed!

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Vous n’êtes pas fan des fruits et des légumes? Et bien la bloggeuse Laura Miller transforment les fruits et les légumes en accessoires mode en plus de les manger. Ses recettes sont disponibles sur son blog (lien ci-dessous). Vous ne regarderez plus vos fruits et légumes de la même façon.

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