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by Mistoura Yessoufou | 7 février 2015 9 h 00 min

At the beginning of February and therefore at the beginning of the spring, we are inspired. Inspired by the force, the courage and the positivity of role models. There is first Madison Tevlin, that belies statistics about trisomy 21, but also Emma Watson a real model for female success towards today’s adolescents. And as usual, we will give you pleasant surprises to look at without moderation. See you next week!

Statistics are just numbers seem to tell us the young Madison Tevlin. The girl of twelve suffers from Trisomy 21 and according to an international study of Down syndrome (another name given to the disease), she should not be able to sing. Madison Tevlin does not take it into account since she decided to record the song “All of me” by John Legend. In addition to pushing her voice out, she proves that she can memorize 348 words that include the single, and denying another study on the forgetfulness of Down syndrome patients. Big up to Madison Tevlin, she is courageous, positive and so inspiring!


Speaking of inspiration, the British actress Emma Watson makes again talk about her on social networks. This time, these are some of her fans who ask her for advice on the image they or their parents have of themselves or their career dreams. The UN Ambassador for #HeForShe campaign and committed feminist, encourages them to pursue their dreams, not to slow down because they are girls. One of them (Lordvoldemot) calls her on Twitter, about her father’s words, “My dad says I can not be an engineer because it is a” man’s job “What can I do to change that? “Emma Watson replied:” Become an engineer. “A true feminist model for those girls trying to make their dreams come true in the future.

This week we could not miss pancakes Candlemas, the opportunity to eat delicious pancakes and feast our eyes with creations, on internet, made with pancakes.

Since we are in February and we will soon come out of winter, for some of us, we’ll still pay tribute to the cold but mostly snow that keeps a magical side to the season. These landscapes will captivate you so much that you “almost” regret the arrival of spring.

And finally, find our adorable little creatures in surprising companies, it shows that we do not always choose our playmates.

By Mistoura Yessoufou.

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