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Why use an image consultant?

For a long time it was thought that the image consulting was only available to celebrities, politicians and pundits. Today, “man and woman in the world” use a image consultant. And the dress has become accessible to everyone!

In fact, the image consulting is aimed at anyone wishing to bring coherence personality and self-image. Thus, it can be a real starter to awaken a sleeping potential within each of us.

From image consulting for what purpose?

Gain confidence

Desire to please, to please

Find or assert his style (after pregnancy …)

A change, a professional development

A particular event (wedding, birthday …)

Regularly on Women in Plural Leilla NGOUOTO of the company Only You – Image Consulting, offers simple, useful and practical advice. While waiting to find it in your magazine online FP, find the following addresses:

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Photo client, beauty set by Only You, for a style them!

By Leilla Ngouoto

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