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SIGNS THE MOST EXPOSED: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Aries: not cabrez front of the obstacle course

This is a week where four planets, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter (the change, questioning, law and finance) and Mars (the fighting) put you to the test. Fiery temperament, you ruez in stretchers and think later. One slogan stay on nails legality, and resist the temptation to send any waltz. By learning to control your angry impulses, you will manage to better convince providers of annoyance. Since April 24, with Mercury the planet of the mind, you come to your senses and from May 3, Venus, planet of love, enters your sign and your heart beats offset the financial worries.


Cancer: home, spouse, work pressures well present

Professionals changes have an impact on your family life. Home, a haven of peace which you aspire, now looks like a raft on swirls and your spouse is not a great help. This is the second decanate (2 -11 July), which is the most exposed. But your tenacity in times of crisis can be an emotional submersion best counselor, so typical of your sign. And as buoy support, two beautiful planets in the sign of Pisces (harmonic yours), Venus and Neptune will source friendly comforts and spiritual especially May 3 and 4 for the third decanate (July 11-July 21). Since April 23, the planet of the mind, Mercury is in Taurus entry, earth sign and stability, to make you see life with a determined or offensive mind. Then you will take the course in good captain.

Balance: This is the apotheosis of saving crises

To get you to your building, three planets you goad: Facing your sign, Uranus in Aries pushes you to seek change, Jupiter in Cancer encourages you to be vigilant Your Rights at Work, Pluto in Capricorn brings into question the strength of your relationship. For a few months, and until the end of July, it’s time to make choices. We must get out of your trench and your procrastination. The sign of justice is that you represent. So, make your choice and make your way along your senses and your intuition. This week you have two allies to stimulate you: Mercury, planet of the mind attached to your sign and soothes tensions and other planetary sun in Taurus sign friend. April 30 and May 1 are auspicious days for a more optimistic view. Enter this perch, you’ll breathe.


Capricorn: Put a little flexibility in your stubbornness

You believe that not yielding anything, you keep your position firmly. Make no mistake, this is not the time to play the strong head, you will lose feathers! Remember the lesson of the fable of the fox and raven: flatterers have because of your lucidity and be more accommodating with your spouse, your children and your colleagues. Indeed, four planets contradict your personal plans and you do not want to deal with the new realities of your life. Open your eyes, especially since April 21, with the entry of the sun in the sign of Taurus (and Mercury since 23), you will be better supported to finally release some concessions. This is the beginning of progress especially on April 30 and May 1, a door opens!

SIGNS SUSTAINED BUT … CAUTION! Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius

Taurus: Just a few annoyances
Feet secured to the fact your own plans, including real estate, follow their progress.

But you discover that, especially for the third decans (11 to 21 April), the bill adds to your budget. Saturn in Scorpio opposite to yours, you made ​​unexpected financial reminders. Keep sighted since August may increase your debts. Enjoy this week’s crucial to review your accounts and to plan long-term risks. You still have the support of Jupiter (the law) until the end of July and Pluto, other financial zodiac. But this is not a reason to ignore the bills that await you. Fortunately, love is, they, in good shape with a more aggressive mind on April 30th and May 1st!


Gemini: Your projects stimulate you but beware of promises precarious

A breath of fresh air as you like, breath in your life. A friendly environment stimulates you to participate in innovative projects. And you show your organizational skills and communicating. Defend yourself, however, excess illusions especially leaving you trapped by your emotional impulses and your financial concessions. Establish a clear line between love and money you receive or that you give. Protect your interests because there possible deception in this area for the first decanate, including (May 21-June 2). This week, thanks to the sun in Taurus and Venus in Aries entry from May 4, sharpens your intuition to protect your interests and your beautiful progression.

Lion: Tensions mental but emotional climate … hot!

The entry of the sun in the sign of Taurus digress where mental strain since April 23, will be strong. You’ll have to gather all your energy to perform multiple tasks that await you. But Mars combativeness in the sign of Libra, in good aspect to your sun, brings you the tone required. You are going in the right direction and your efforts will yield results after mid-May. Only the third decanate (August 11 to 21) is still in trouble with brakes Saturnian Scorpio. For the first two decanates, your beautiful star shines with Uranus, the planet of change in Aries, the sign of harmonic light with yours, with an alluring Venus from May 3 Beautiful romantic sparks in sight!


Aquarius: You have a space of creative freedom

Uranus Mars ally, change and fighting spirit, unleash your creativity so specific to your sign. You have ideas but they are so numerous that their implementation is unlikely. But nothing discourage you. The flame of hope guide you and will always fall back on your feet. With Mercury in Taurus, a period of reflection is necessary especially for the first decanate (22 January-2 February). Fortunately, with Venus in Aries from 3 May, you will exercise your powers of seduction with a plume that will bluff all the hearts that will please you. All decanates will be affected until the end of May. And Venus will also protect your finances to start over again with promising new cards.


Virgin slow progress but deep

This is the third decanate of Virgo (11-21 September), which is very strong: a serious emotional commitment is ongoing and reliable financial investments. This trend is even more pronounced in late May with the good aspect of Jupiter (protection). The two other decanates can count on the support of Pluto in Capricorn, which leads to stable affective advanced or birth welcome. Since April 23, Mercury, the mind settles there until 7 May, a time when the spirit of optimism breath welfare. The spirit is keen to make the right decisions with gusto. Only drawback for the third decanate (September 11 to September 21), emotional climate can be marked by illusion with Venus in Pisces (sign opposite to yours) until May 4 Open a few more eyes on the one you have chosen.


Scorpio: Beautiful emotional protection

This is the first decanate (21 October -2 November) which is the biggest beneficiary of the planetary impulses: Neptune in the house of love, Jupiter for projects for Pluto close relationships and this trio gives you a quiet confidence. One caveat: since April 21, the climate is spoiled somewhat until May 4: During this fortnight, morale is not great because contracts are not yet expected to go. For the second and third decans, the week promises lucky, especially 3 and 4 May, with beautiful protections of Jupiter and Venus is the domain of love that vibrates to the rhythm of spring. Your heart is in unison with the one you love and beautiful life is!

Sagittarius: You sail on carrier waves

pleasant unexpected succeed and advance your projects. Do not neglect, even if they look at first unimportant. If you’re the first decanate (22 November-2 December), you are concerned about these good aspects. Especially Mars in the sign of artistic balance, favorable to you, offer invitations surprises in pleasant places and even in pleasant company, even love. Since early April, still a slight tendency to illusions about the intentions of a charmer. You must wait until August to see appear a sincere love. Day 4 May inaugurated a period when Venus entering Aries friend, will make you live soft cooing, albeit transient but beneficial.


Pisces: you batifolez in the clear waters of love

To be in love, you are! Or you release so much charm that we quickly fell in love with you. This climate concerns first and second decans (21 February-10 March). Even gambling can make you smile (stay sane in your paris) on 1 and 2 May These two days will also be conducive to negotiate a tricky business to get into beautiful spa, steam room or playing beautiful nymphs in the sea water remains your resource wellness. With a more moral rising since April 24, the first decanate, which affect appearance since May 3 then the second and third decanates. On 3 and 4 May are beneficial for the sake of third decanates. You will also demonstrate your human qualities by providing some good action around you. Happiness, you also know the share!

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