Dear serial lovers2

Dear serial lovers,

Stop torturing your mind, you can not have the soul of a wife. You have always felt more seductive than your peers and have the feeling of being a “serial lovers”. From your adolescence, your karma made you an irresistible temptress and you live it with passion. To hell with the “What will people think of you and multiple killing looks that they extended to you. Your ability to seduction made you, that fatal and envied woman who is sleeping in each of us. You can do nothing about it because it is useless to struggle against our true nature. Indefinitely available, you will not support the weight of the conventions. Your love life is an eternal beginning because your credo is to relive the beginnings of love. Routine bores you and the idea of ​​a certain consistency in a relationship terrifies you. You prefer to reinvent the meeting because the mysterious footprint you leave behind never dies. You’re not from those that are attached and that are enclosed in a golden cage. You are as volatile as a luxurious fragrance that will only leave the wonderful smell . This is enough to fill you up for those who have tasted your carnal flavor will not be able to resist the temptation to return.

By Catherine Zoungrana.

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Catherine Zoungrana

Je suis toujours là où on ne m’attend pas avec une longueur d’avance. Qui m’aime me suive, que les autres passent leur chemin… Pour résumer qui je suis, je pense à la citation suprême de Nietzsche, reprise par Picasso, qui a guidé ma vie : “Deviens qui tu es”…

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