Le 14e Salon de la polyarthrite

The 14th Salon of rheumatoid and inflammatory chronic rheumatism (RIC)

The 14th Salon of rheumatoid and inflammatory chronic rheumatism (RIC) organized by the French Association of RA patients and chronic inflammatory rheumatism will be held on 10 and 11 October 2014 at the Espace Charenton at 5, rue Theodore Hamont in 75012 (Paris) and 4 to 19 October 2014 in the regions.

Program Friday, October 10

The exhibition opening will be Friday, October 10, 2014 at 13h. Various program interventions, workshops and exhibitions besides the results of recent surveys that will be brought to the attention of the public.

An introduction will be presented by Isabelle Reynaud-VERDIERE, President of the French Association of RA patients and chronic inflammatory rheumatism (AFP ric ) and, Prof. Daniel Wendling, President of the French Society of Rheumatology (SFR).

[cq_vc_timeline avatarformat=”icon” avataricons=”fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,,” avatarbackgrounds=”#f80152,#f80152,#f80152,#f80152″ dates=”From 14:15,At 3:15 p.m.,from 16:30,At 17h” backgroundcolor=”#f2f2f2″ repeat=”repeat” blockcolors=”maroon,purple,maroon,purple,,,” responsivewidth=”768″ titles=”“Less fatigue and less pain possible? “,“The desire for children“,“Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis“,“The treatment of rheumatoid and spondyloarthritis …“” contentwidth=”42%”]will be proposed by the rheumatologist Dr Philippe BREVILLE, St. Joseph Hospital Group Paris, a panel discussion on the theme “Less fatigue and less pain, is it possible? “. The physiotherapist Patrice PIETTE of IFPEK Rennes intervene and the sophrologist Myriam FRESSE, Vice-President of the Chambre Syndicale de relaxation therapy.

A survey of “the desire to have children” led by the AFPric supported by UCB will be exposed to the public.

Prof. Christian Roux of Cochin Hospital will address the theme: “Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis.”

Professor Bruno FAUTREL CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière, will discuss “The treatment of rheumatoid and spondyloarthritis: a combination of drugs and winning techniques.”[/cq_vc_timeline]

Program Saturday, October 11, 2014

Note that throughout the day on Saturday for workshops. They are an opportunity to discuss, share and learn in small groups. They are available only on-site registration on Saturday itself, a badge will be issued to each participant. The themes that are offered this year are on track treatment, podiatry, qi gong, relaxation therapy, shiatsu and acupuncture.

Finally, an exhibition where you can meet the laboratories that market your treatments, podiatrists who will inform you diagnose and give you personalized advice, aid businesses techniques, suitable footwear, food supplements, services. At the booth of AFPric, you can ask questions about the disease, treatments, and helps your social rights that you may have, or discover thematic brochures or crafty items to make life easier. After your visit, feel free to share with readers of femmesaupluriel.fr relevant information you have gathered.

[cq_vc_timeline avatarformat=”icon” avataricons=”fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,fa-calendar ,” avatarbackgrounds=”#f80152,#f80152,#f80152,#f80152,#f80152,#f80152,#f80152,#f80152″ dates=”At 9:30 am,At 11:00,At 12h – 12h30,At 14h – 15h,At 15h – 15h30,At 16h – 16h15,At 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.,At 17h15-18h15″ backgroundcolor=”#f2f2f2″ repeat=”repeat” blockcolors=”maroon,purple,maroon,purple,maroon,purple,maroon,purple,,” responsivewidth=”768″ titles=”“Rheumatoid Is less frequent and less severe? “,“The vaccination of immunocompromised patients“,“When arthritis and osteoarthritis combine“,Autoimmune diseases are a major challenge for research,MSD France,Survey Rheumatoid and professional life,Polyarthritis associated with other chronic diseases,Question-answer game” contentwidth=”42%”]Professor BOISSIER CHU Avicenna (Bobigny) answer the following question: “Is Rheumatoid less frequent and less severe?

Dr. Loubet at the Cochin hospital shall submit to the public the results of the investigation called AVNIR: “Vaccination of immunocompromised patients.”

“When arthritis and osteoarthritis combine” will be the topic developed by Professor Martine CohenSolal Lariboisière the hospital.

Monitoring interventions of Dr. David and Dr. Patrice Klatzmann CACOUB CHU Pitié-Salpêtrière, who believe that autoimmune diseases are a major challenge for research.

Prof. Pascal CLAUDEPIERRE CHU Henri Mondor, Créteil discuss the differences and similarities of rheumatoid and spondyloarthritis with support from MSD France.

Another survey of rheumatoid and professional life will be presented to the public with the support AbbVie.

Dr Catherine Beauvais CHU Saint-Antoine, will link the Rheumatoid associated with other chronic diseases and the impact on the management (eg. Diabetes, hypertension, other rheumatic diseases ).

Dr. Janine Sophia GIRAUDET THE Quintrec (Cochin Hospital, and Dr. Jeremiah SELLAM (CHU Saint-Antoine, will lend the game answers questions about chronic arthritis Rheumatoid, spondyloarthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, arthritis, psoriasis, lupus [/cq_vc_timeline]


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