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15 web-conferences on “the art of living in the family”

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The association organizes Oze, from October 14 to 19, 15 webconferences dedicated to “the art of living with the family.” Explanations of Nathalie Boisgrollier, general delegate of the association.

What are the objectives of the Association ZOE ?


To publicize the benevolent or positive education, to fight against stress and conflict in the family cocoon Oze aims. Within the family, it is possible to go very far to learn the relationship to self and others in a climate that makes everyone grow. Many of us think that the world of work and society are aggressive and tense. Managing emotions, work in cooperation, nonviolent communication are tools that, taken together, form a progressive response, lively, friendly roots and aspirations. In the same way that we learn that the “weeds” exist only in the imagination of people who had lost touch with nature, and that each plant has its uses, as well, be aware that each person must relearn talents, know the terrain to thrive best, dare to take his place.

From now until October 19, you organize a series of “webinars” around the family. What is it exactly ?


Permettre à toute personne qui le souhaite de grandir, de vivre harmonieusement en famille, d’avoir une scolarité heureuse, d’arrêter de culpabiliser. C’est une occasion unique de rencontrer des experts (coachs, médecins, psychologues…) qui apportent des conseils pratiques. Nous les avons invités à concentrer le meilleur de leur expérience en une heure d’interview-conférence. Il vous restera à vous approprier les pistes qu’ils tracent pour découvrir de nouveaux horizons et progresser concrètement dans votre quotidien en famille. Il suffit juste de s’inscrire sur : Les conférences sont gratuites pendant 24 heures. De plus, les intervenants seront disponibles pour un « chat » en direct après chacune de leur conférence. Ne manquez surtout pas ce rendez-vous !

What are the highlights of this event will bring together 15 experts in total ?


Each presentation highlights the experience and sensitivity of its speaker. Of the 15 conferences, there will be at least a good theme that will correspond to the questions you are asking now about you and your family. Whether to choose a few examples, I will gladly quote Jeanne-Siaud Facchin on a topic that affects all children‘s academic success. Or, our guest of honor, Olivier Clerc, that gives us a taste for short, seemingly outdated, which however may hold a central place in a serene and positive family: forgiveness.

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By Claire Renée Mendy.

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