3 livres pour 1 week end

3 books for one weekend

Le Docteur Société

“Doctor Company” Frederick Hestier (Editions Authors books, 16 euros)

This little humorous picture book reads quickly and offers a relaxing around various social issues ranging from “over other” through “love and seduction “,” psychology-tips and tricks “and” letters of Dr. his contemporaries. “Five chapters that take the reader pardon the patient to witness, in a rather direct and personal style.

“The healing power of forgiveness” of Virginia Clarke (Editions Grancher, 18 euros)

Who has never dreamed to forgive? This simple and practical book offers 5 steps to heal his wounds. An approach that will allow you to find peace of mind and heart to finally succumb to the delights of the present moment, your dreams and your bifurcating trajectory toward positive goals. A book to read for those who seek forgiveness, to achieve an inner strength and serenity.

pouvoir guérisseur du pardon
Régiment de femmes

Regiment of Women” Clemence Dane (Editions Belfond, 19 euros)

First novel in the British Clemence Dane, “The Regiment of Women” takes place behind closed doors in a girls’ boarding school in the English countryside in the 1920s Passions and friendships to turn exacerbate a merciless confrontation. It is also the rediscovery of a surprising work of daring on the lust for power and domination.

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