3 questions for Laila Mkimer, Product Manager Inoya

Originally from Morocco, Laila Mkimer holds a Master in Marketing & Management, International Trade, and a PhD in Economics, International Trade option. It answers three questions FP.

In IN’OYA, what your daily work?

Laïla MkimerAs a product manager, I am the voice of the black woman, and mixed mate, I express expectations, I explain its problems, I communicate his wishes to the teams of research and development, but also those responsible trade issues. My job is also to simplify and popularize the scientific message because you‘d expect, there is a world of difference between the work of our researchers in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Marseille and the perception of black women & mixed for whom these issues often boil down to a spot on the skin. My role is to explain why IN’OYA products are effective, how to use them for best results, and what treatment protocol should be followed for the treatment to be effective.

How your brand is innovative?

Laïla MkimerSince its creation in 2011, the Laboratory IN’OYA was interested in the problem of hyperpigmentation (spots) black skin, dull, an issue for the majority of black and mixed women.

After 2 years of research, we were able to identify the enzyme TYRP1 (TyrosinaseRelated Proteined), responsible for the pigmentation of black skin. Following this, the research team was able to develop the first anti-stain technology in the world designed for black skin: MEL’OYA.

This technology has been the subject of two patents, one European and one international, in collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research.

Can you tell us about your flagship “MY SERUM STAIN MEL’OYA“?

Laïla MkimerDermatologically tested, paraben or hydroquinone, “My serum stain” is the first patented stain innovation specific to & matte black skins in the world. Effective after 28 days of use, has been proven. It should be remembered that “stain My serum” applies to all types of skin on the face and body, locally on stains and only in the evening, without rinsing.


   Layla Mkimer, Product Manager Inoya

   Layla Mkimer on Inoya booth at Cosmeeting 2014

Photos : Fofo Forey

Inoya, Laïla Mkimer, Product Manager, Stain serum


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