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Afrik Fashion 9: the big fashion show in Abidjan

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It is with emotion and satisfaction that the beautiful Isabelle Anoh, promoter of Afrik Fashion and Director of Avant-Garde Production, hosted on November 22th, at the Congress of the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan, some 1600 guest who came to applaud applauding no less than 13 artists from the African continent.

Enhanced by the presence of several personalities, including the Ivorian Minister of Communication, Affoussiata Bamba-Lamine, the high mass of African fashion has remembered, if it were needed, that beyond the glamor and sequins, the textile industry is a vector of development that should be supported and encouraged. Thus in her speech of circumstance, the Deputy spokesman of the government has emphasized that the ivorian state works for the improvement of this sector, in the same way that ensures the protection of cultural works. A speech that had to reassure the defenders of African fashion in the room.

True revelations of the event, the young designers Olowou from Benin and Céline Koby from Ivory Coast caused a sensation: they offered original creations, colorful, modern and “markatables” but always with a very pronounced African touch and revisited cultural references. Pathé’O, Colle Sow Ardo Alphadi, Ciss Saint Moses, Koro DK and others can be reassured : the new generation is coming, and with a great effect!

This led some observers warned that Afrik Fashion Show as one of the key events on the international fashion calendar. Already Anoh Isabelle and her dynamic team are hard at work preparing for the 10th edition of the appointment of vibrant Africa. We hope that sponsors and other patrons are more numerous and, above all, more generous!

crédit photo: Frédéric De la chapelle

By Claire Renée Mendy.

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