Billy Ze Kick

Artemis Revelation, the girl-power according to Billy Ze Kick!

After a long absence under the sign of motherhood and spirituality, Billy Ze Kick the singer is back with a new album called Artemis Revelation.

The Rennaise Nathalie Cousin, behind the famous pseudonym borrowed from the novel by Jean Vautrin, began his career in the late 80s, but it is accompanied by the Kids on Fire it a resounding success in 1993 with the famous hits “Eat Me” and “OCB” agreements and the energetic protest.

Still crazy, Billy Ze Kick back today with a new solo album full of feminine energy, as evidenced by the first single “Super Girl

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Artemis Revelation promotes contemporary female independence amid mystical and psychedelic melodies. A tangy and positive album for all the “super girls” dormant in us!

By Anne Waas

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